Who played the role of Mongolian | Which actor played Mongolian

The character of Mongolian is played by Ahn Dao Pham Huy in Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer Film released in 1970.

Yuki (I) Iwamoto in Buddha's Little Finger Film released in 2015.

Jason Asuncion in Seventh Son Film released in 2014.

Darryl Richard in Grindl TV Series released in 1963.

David (I) Waller in The Three Princes TV Film released in 1959.

George Yoshinaga in Sniper's Ridge Film released in 1961.

Chao Li Chi in The Master of Disguise Film released in 2002.

'Zha Ka' Han Feixing in Man of Tai Chi Film released in 2013.

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Who played Mongolian Which actors played the role of Mongolian.

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