Who played the role of Moser | Which actor played Moser

The character of Moser is played by Helmut Alimonta in 8051 Grinning TV Film released in 1972.

Allen (I) Jenkins in Ben Casey TV Series released in 1961.

Thomas (I) Kress in Gipfelsturm TV Film released in 2007.

Josef (I) Moosholzer in Schl�sselloch-Report Film released in 1973.

Robert Naegele in Spannagl & Sohn TV Series released in 1975.

Lance E. Nichols in Terrebonne Film released in 2010.

Noah Baetge in The Metropolitan Opera HD Live TV Series released in 2006.

Matt O'Leary in In Time Film released in 2011.

Michael (I) Pink in Binny und der Geist TV Series released in 2013.

Ulrich Pleitgen in Tatort TV Series released in 1970.

Lubo Roman in Akcia Edelstein Film released in 1986.

Stephen (II) Rooke in BBC Proms TV Series released in 2010.

Hans Schuler in Jenny & Co. TV Series released in 2001.

Andreas Simma in Ich gelobe Film released in 1994.

Albert Steinr�ck in Die von der Scholle sind Film released in 1928.

Jean-Michel Vovk in Diamant 13 Film released in 2009.

Jeff Ware in The Shade Film released in 1999.

Jason Weissbrod in The Class TV Series released in 2006.

Werner Zeussel in Der Millionenbauer TV Series released in 1979.

Hanns Zischler in Dr. M Film released in 1990.

G�tz Burger in Tauerngold TV Film released in 2003.

Fran�ois Cluzet in Dialogue au sommet Film released in 1996.

Roger Delgado in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1964.

Bernard Fitch in Die Meistersinger von N�rnberg TV Film released in 2001.

Robert (I) Freitag in A Song for Europe TV Film released in 1985.

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Who played Moser Which actors played the role of Moser.

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