Who played the role of Mr. Gardner | Which actor played Mr. Gardner

The character of Mr. Gardner is played by Don Allison in Run Robot Run! Film released in 2006.

George (III) Gardner in Progeny Film released in 2012.

John (I) Hamilton in Crazy Knights Film released in 1944.

Edward Hearn in White Eagle Film released in 1941.

Fred (I) Henderson in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

Will Hussung in Children Are Too Young to Die Film released in 1990.

Don Justice in Truly Everlasting Film released in 2011.

Don Kenworthy in The Flyboys Film released in 2008.

Eric Loomis in As Told by Ginger TV Series released in 2000.

Joseph Lugosch in The Industry Exposed TV Series released in 2014.

Royce (I) Mills in Fresh Fields TV Series released in 1984.

John (II) Bailey in Personal Services Film released in 1987.

Cyril Nri in Crims TV Series released in 2015.

Shane Rimmer in Nairobi Affair TV Film released in 1984.

Robert Stack in Plain Clothes Film released in 1987.

Kevin Stoney in Jigsaw Film released in 1962.

Don (XV) Taylor in The Day My Parents Became Cool Film released in 2009.

William (I) Thomas Jr. in Sister, Sister TV Series released in 1994.

Harold Bennett in ITV Saturday Night Theatre TV Series released in 1969.

Michael Berresse in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Rayner Bourton in Chalkface TV Series released in 1991.

Robert (I) Carson in Girls Town Film released in 1959.

William R. Dunn in The Man Behind the Curtain Film released in 1916.

Ben Erway in Shep Comes Home Film released in 1948.

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Who played Mr. Gardner Which actors played the role of Mr. Gardner.

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