Who played the role of Mr. Jameson | Which actor played Mr. Jameson

The character of Mr. Jameson is played by Brian (I) Hickey in Bramwell TV Series released in 1995.

Philip Holles in ITV Play of the Week TV Series released in 1955.

Stephen (II) Ley in The Killing Zone Film released in 1999.

Arthur Lovejoy in Full of Life Film released in 1956.

Reg Lye in The Chiffy Kids TV Series released in 1976.

George McDaniel in L.A. Law TV Series released in 1986.

William (I) O'Leary in In My Pocket Film released in 2011.

David (I) Parish in Emmerdale Farm TV Series released in 1972.

Wally Richard in The Ann Sothern Show TV Series released in 1958.

Jeremy Sonney in Forcing Fate Film released in 2012.

Richard (I) Tucker in Week-End Marriage Film released in 1932.

Richard Vidan in Zombie Infection Film released in 2011.

Rick (II) Voight in The Good Shepherd Film released in 2006.

Rick (II) Voight in Uncle Melvin's Apartment Film released in 2013.

John Walcutt in Alex in Wonder Film released in 2001.

Ernest C. Warde in The Cripple Film released in 1914.

Timm Zemanek in Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye TV Series released in 2002.

Christopher Casson in Attracta Film released in 1983.

Vince Cefalu in Desperate Housewives TV Series released in 2004.

Nick Conway in Coronation Street TV Series released in 1960.

Tom Crowley in Have You Seen Lucinda Jameson? Film released in 2014.

Andrew (I) Duggan in Patterns Film released in 1956.

Frank (I) Duncan in Juliet Bravo TV Series released in 1980.

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Who played Mr. Jameson Which actors played the role of Mr. Jameson.

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