Who played the role of Mr. Nichols | Which actor played Mr. Nichols

The character of Mr. Nichols is played by Roger Allford in 21 Jump Street TV Series released in 1987.

T.J. Halligan in Nancy TV Series released in 1970.

Art Hindle in The Story of Luke Film released in 2012.

Vernon Joyner in Romany Jones TV Series released in 1972.

Ron Lea in Due South TV Series released in 1994.

Edward Mallory in The Farmer's Daughter TV Series released in 1963.

Richard Marion in Charles in Charge TV Series released in 1984.

Ralph Montgomery in I Led 3 Lives TV Series released in 1953.

Oliver Muirhead in Maybe This Time TV Series released in 1995.

B-Luv in Flossin Film released in 2001.

Cruz Robert Basuito in The Clique Film released in 2006.

Edward (II) Bell in The Waltons TV Series released in 1971.

Michael Puttonen in Relentless: Mind of a Killer TV Film released in 1993.

David Schifter in Harker: The Awakening Film released in 2015.

Steve (I) Schwetman in The 3rd Floor Film released in 2007.

Campbell Singer in On the Buses TV Series released in 1969.

Wayne (I) Ward in Hannibal TV Series released in 2013.

John (III) Waters in Kelly TV Series released in 1991.

Manning Wilson in Dixon of Dock Green TV Series released in 1955.

Kenneth Bridges in Teen Angel TV Series released in 1989.

Richard Clair in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis TV Series released in 1959.

Jerome Cowan in The Bugle Sounds Film released in 1942.

Troy Donahue in Hot Times at Montclair High Film released in 1989.

Andrew Dorph in The Haunting Of TV Series released in 2012.

Adam Fortner in The Miraculous Film released in 2010.

Jeff Francos in 7th Heaven TV Series released in 1996.

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Who played Mr. Nichols Which actors played the role of Mr. Nichols.

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