Who played the role of Mr. Roberts | Which actor played Mr. Roberts

The character of Mr. Roberts is played by Myles Abney in 7th Heaven TV Series released in 1996.

Daniel (I) Anderson in Siren's Kiss Film released in 1995.

Brian (XI) Gallagher in The Prison Film released in 2013.

Michael P Gardner in Damage-Joy [sha-den-froi-de] Film released in 2014.

Michael P Gardner in Damage-Joy: sha-den-froi-da Film released in 2013.

Larry Gelman in Your Three Minutes Are Up Film released in 1973.

Charles K. Gerrard in The Wright Idea Film released in 1928.

Thomas (I) Gottschalk in Think Big Film released in 1989.

Stu Greenbaum in Aging Youth Film released in 2014.

Jim (I) Gunter in Falcon Crest TV Series released in 1981.

Ron Habin in Las Pendejaces del Destino Film released in 2013.

Michael (I) Hadley in The Boat That Rocked Film released in 2009.

Charles Halton in Juarez Film released in 1939.

Steve (I) Hatcher in Blackbroad Jungle Video released in 1994.

Harry (I) Hayden in Remember the Day Film released in 1941.

Peter (I) Hobbs in The Doris Day Show TV Series released in 1968.

Johnnie Holland in Tim and Katie: A Nice Little Love Story with Zombies Film released in 2009.

Alan (IV) Jeffrey in Homeless Film released in 2013.

Gareth (XV) Jones in Distant Bridges Video released in 1999.

Gary (I) Jones in 21 Jump Street TV Series released in 1987.

Stewart (I) Jones in The Life and Times of David Lloyd George TV Series released in 1981.

Victor (VI) Jones in Baby Mama's Club Film released in 2010.

Don (I) Jordan in Student Bodies TV Series released in 1997.

Jay Kallaway in The Rock Film released in 0.

Robert Karnes in The Bill Cosby Show TV Series released in 1969.

Julian Karpinski in Tuesday at Sweet and Treats or I Wanna Blue Slushie... Video released in 2012.

Joseph (I) Kearns in My Little Margie TV Series released in 1952.

Kip King in One Day at a Time TV Series released in 1975.

Lou Krugman in Hazel TV Series released in 1961.

Tommy Lamey in The District TV Series released in 2000.

Shelly Lipkin in Shining God Film released in 2010.

John Litel in It All Came True Film released in 1940.

Ernest (II) Macias in Family Game Night Film released in 2013.

Fulton Mackay in Armchair Theatre TV Series released in 1956.

Louis Mahoney in Turning World TV Series released in 1996.

Aubrey Mallalieu in The Winslow Boy Film released in 1948.

Charles (I) Marsh in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer Film released in 1947.

Keith Marsh in Beryl's Lot TV Series released in 1973.

Cedric McLaughlan in All Saints TV Series released in 1998.

Ivan (I) Miller in Not a Ladies' Man Film released in 1942.

Rolando Millet in Judging Amy TV Series released in 1999.

William (II) Moore in Hammer House of Horror TV Series released in 1980.

Bartlett Mullins in From a Bird's Eye View TV Series released in 1970.

Hugh (I) Munro in Casualty TV Series released in 1986.

Ted Newsom in Housewives from Another World Video released in 2010.

Richard Balin in Graduation Day Film released in 1981.

Martin (I) Ball in My Dad's the Prime Minister TV Series released in 2003.

Joe Ballew in Cracked Foundation Film released in 2013.

Frederick Bartman in Boyd Q.C. TV Series released in 1956.

Cary Bazan in Drawing a Blank Film released in 2015.

Tony Beckley in ITV Television Playhouse TV Series released in 1955.

Richard (II) O'Brien in The Incredible Hulk TV Series released in 1978.

Seamus (I) O'Neill in Summer Film released in 2008.

Fred Ochs in Doris Film released in 2015.

James Ottaway in No Hiding Place TV Series released in 1959.

Bill Pacer in Flags on the Field TV Series released in 2015.

Harold Peary in The Baileys of Balboa TV Series released in 1964.

John Petlock in Cover Up TV Series released in 1984.

Frank Pettingell in Meet Mr. Lucifer Film released in 1953.

John (I) Posey in From the Head Film released in 2011.

Steven James Price in Not Another Zombie Movie....About the Living Dead Film released in 2014.

Charles Quigley in Mexican Spitfire Out West Film released in 1940.

Victor Redlick in Fall from Innocence Film released in 1988.

Glen (IV) Roberts in Snapped Film released in 2014.

Roy (I) Roberts in The Strongest Man in the World Film released in 1975.

Roy (I) Roberts in Disneyland TV Series released in 1954.

Bartlett Robinson in The Andy Griffith Show TV Series released in 1960.

Eric Saiet in Cupid TV Series released in 2009.

Tim (IV) Sanders in Vinyl Film released in 2012.

Ned Schmidtke in Early Edition TV Series released in 1996.

Charlie Schu in Creepy Tales: Girls Night Out Film released in 2003.

Dave (II) Shelley in Hard Time on Planet Earth TV Series released in 1989.

Leroy Shelton in Wilfrid's Special Christmas TV Film released in 1989.

Brent (III) Simon in Losers Video released in 2000.

Chuck (I) Sloan in Paradise TV Series released in 1988.

James (V) Smith in Maybury TV Series released in 1981.

Roger (I) Smith in Mister Roberts TV Series released in 1965.

Keith Soester in The Jersey Devil Film released in 2003.

Ewen Solon in The Secret of the Forest Film released in 1956.

Antoine Spillers in American Violet Film released in 2008.

Will Stampe in Fraud Squad TV Series released in 1969.

Jerry Stowell in The Only Way Film released in 2004.

David (II) Summer in Holby City TV Series released in 1999.

Graham Suter in A Question of Guilt TV Series released in 1980.

Vaughn (I) Taylor in The Aquanauts TV Series released in 1960.

Frank M. Thomas in The Man Who Found Himself Film released in 1937.

Mike Thuransky in Pastor Greg TV Series released in 2005.

Jim Tooey in The Black Russian Film released in 2015.

Harry Toseland in Boon TV Series released in 1986.

Frank Tregear in Why Didn't They Ask Evans? TV Film released in 1980.

Jason Twelvetrees in Armchair Theatre TV Series released in 1956.

Leon Tyler in Tales of Wells Fargo TV Series released in 1957.

Manuel Urrego in Firefly Film released in 2012.

Jack (II) Walters in One Summer TV Series released in 1983.

Robert (I) Warwick in Four Wives Film released in 1939.

Charles (I) Watts in Room for One More Film released in 1952.

Zack West in Tha' Crib Video released in 2004.

Frank (I) Williams in The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1971.

Ermal Williamson in The Big Bet Film released in 1985.

Will (I) Wright in Not as a Stranger Film released in 1955.

Will (I) Wright in You, the People Film released in 1940.

Bill (I) Young in The Nugget Film released in 2002.

Don (I) Blanton in Limelight Film released in 2015.

Sam Bologna in The Landlord Film released in 1998.

Raleigh Bond in The Ladies TV Film released in 1987.

Tom Bougers in A Country Practice TV Series released in 1981.

Charles (I) Bronson in The Indian Runner Film released in 1991.

Jerry (III) Brown in Un autre homme, une autre chance Film released in 1977.

John Brumpton in The Combination Film released in 2009.

Robert Lewis Bush in Village of the Damned Film released in 1995.

Richard (I) Butler in North Square TV Series released in 2000.

Ron (I) Butler in Without a Trace TV Series released in 2002.

Melvin Caldwell in Tappin' Film released in 2012.

Phil (II) Campbell in War School Film released in 2009.

Don (I) Cass in Cicadas Film released in 2000.

Harry Cheshire in The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show TV Series released in 1950.

Connor Claure in The Starting Line Film released in 2011.

Stanley Coelho in Sadistic Film released in 2011.

Zachary Conneen in Good Cop Bike Cop TV Series released in 2013.

Dave Cooperman in Switch Video released in 2008.

James Jude Courtney in Devil in the Flesh Video released in 1998.

Jack De Sena in 100 Things to Do Before High School TV Series released in 2014.

Dirk de Villiers in My Naam is Dingetjie Film released in 1975.

Bob (X) Dean in It's My Decision Film released in 2015.

Michael Dewhirst in Niya Film released in 2015.

Gil Ellis in The Heat Chamber Film released in 2005.

David (I) Ellison in Goodbye, Mr. Kent TV Series released in 1982.

Fred Ferris in The Plane Makers TV Series released in 1963.

Mario Fraboni in The Life and Times of Charlie Putz Film released in 1994.

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Who played Mr. Roberts Which actors played the role of Mr. Roberts.

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