Who played the role of Mrs. Young | Which actor played Mrs. Young

The character of Mrs. Young is played by Tailinh Agoyo in Drunktown's Finest Film released in 2014.

Denyse Alexander in The Cabbage Patch TV Series released in 1983.

Pat Keen in Shadowlands Film released in 1993.

Jenny (II) Lee in Grange Hill TV Series released in 1978.

Julie MacAlister in Northfork Film released in 2003.

Catherine MacNeal in Something Is Out There Film released in 1988.

Jean Maddox in Money and the Woman Film released in 1940.

Davenia McFadden in The Game TV Series released in 2006.

Charlotte (I) Mitchell in The Gentle Touch TV Series released in 1980.

Nancy (II) Mitchell in Dr. Finlay's Casebook TV Series released in 1962.

Miyako (I) Morita in Three Weeks of Love Film released in 1965.

Joyce (III) Murphy in Black Bridge Film released in 2006.

Suzanne R. Neff in The Senior Prank Film released in 2014.

Louise Nelson in Metal Mickey TV Series released in 1980.

Frances O'Flynn in The Spikes Gang Film released in 1974.

Jae-min Park in Peurahaui Yeonin TV Series released in 2005.

Patsy Rowlands in Raven TV Series released in 1977.

Jodi (I) Russell in Heber Holiday Film released in 2007.

Dorota Stalinska in 30 Door Key Film released in 1991.

Marjorie Stapp in Emergency Wedding Film released in 1950.

Kay (I) Stewart in The Detectives TV Series released in 1959.

Debra Stipe in Blossom TV Film released in 1990.

Nastasha Strang in Redrum TV Series released in 2013.

Amzie Strickland in Shiloh Film released in 1996.

Maidel Turner in Fugitive Lady Film released in 1934.

Gabrielle Blunt in Special Branch TV Series released in 1969.

Marie (I) Wells in Forgotten Faces Film released in 1936.

Eleanor Wesselhoeft in Stranded Film released in 1935.

Kate (I) Williamson in The Hi-Lo Country Film released in 1998.

Anna Wing in Maggie and Her TV Series released in 1976.

Jane Wolfe in A Petticoat Pilot Film released in 1918.

Lucille Young in Lightnin' Film released in 1930.

Dorothy Bradley in Homicide TV Series released in 1964.

Brid Brennan in Sunday TV Film released in 2002.

Maria Bringuez in The Anna Cabrini Chronicles Film released in 2005.

Avis Bunnage in Softly Softly: Task Force TV Series released in 1969.

Jackie (I) Burroughs in The Winning Season TV Film released in 2004.

Tsui-ying Chang in An qi er Film released in 1957.

Margaret Cruickshank in Matlock Police TV Series released in 1971.

Willa Pearl Curtis in Bright Road Film released in 1953.

Rouna Daley in Home and Away TV Series released in 1988.

Gail Dennison in Law & Order: Criminal Intent TV Series released in 2001.

Kim Dereuter in Waking Brandon Film released in 2014.

Effie Ellsler in The Girl in 419 Film released in 1933.

Juli Erickson in Changing Film released in 2010.

Andrea (I) Fletcher in Homicide: Life on the Street TV Series released in 1993.

Julie Anne Grey in Waiting in Rhyme Video released in 2009.

Barbara (I) Hicks in Background Film released in 1953.

Amy (I) Hill in Kids in America Film released in 2005.

Hedda Hopper in I Wanted Wings Film released in 1941.

Janine Horsburgh in Bride Flight Film released in 2008.

Irene Inescort in Skyways TV Series released in 1979.

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Who played Mrs. Young Which actors played the role of Mrs. Young.

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