Who played the role of Niles | Which actor played Niles

The character of Niles is played by Jacque Gray in One Shot Film released in 2014.

Joey Aresco in CHiPs TV Series released in 1977.

Tom Gagen in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV Series released in 1979.

John Gaydos in Once Upon a Midnight Dreary Film released in 2003.

A.J. Gillings in Finding the Boom-Bap Film released in 2006.

Fortune Gordien in Not for Hire TV Series released in 1959.

Patrick (I) Greene in Rain Film released in 2011.

Greg Haberny in Wirey Spindell Film released in 1999.

Hartford Haffenreffer in Therapy Film released in 2013.

Marty Lynn Hicks in Coming Out of the Closet Film released in 2011.

Jeph Hines in Noir Film released in 1996.

Peter Hosking in Dex Film released in 2015.

Tommie Earl Jenkins in Goodnight Sweetheart TV Series released in 1993.

Barry Jobling in Golden Years Film released in 2015.

Niles Keith in Red Robin Film released in 2013.

Niles Keith in Snort Film released in 2012.

Neal Kodinsky in The Kangaroo Film released in 2012.

Richard Big Rich Lara in Power Elite Film released in 2002.

Rob Locke in Megan Wants a Millionaire TV Series released in 2009.

William Lucking in Colorado C.I. TV Film released in 1978.

Neil McRedmond in Sunburn Film released in 1999.

Mark Ian Miller in The Frightening Film released in 2002.

Oliver Muirhead in Getting By TV Series released in 1993.

Taylor Negron in Channels Film released in 2008.

Taylor Negron in Everyone Counts TV Series released in 2010.

John Aylward in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Film released in 1993.

Josh Barger in Legend of Pine Acres Film released in 2012.

Gorman Bechard in Disconnected Film released in 1983.

Nicholas (I) Bell in Attack of the Sabretooth TV Film released in 2005.

Harrison Page in Vixen! Film released in 1968.

David Peart in Hollyoaks TV Series released in 1995.

Ruben (I) Pla in Day for Night Film released in 2015.

Athul Prashar in Fetish Mode Film released in 2004.

Martin Rayner in Getting Even Film released in 1986.

Kevin Michael Richardson in Run Like Hell Film released in 2002.

John (I) Ridgely in Rebound TV Series released in 1952.

Younger Robbins in Couch Surfing Video released in 2011.

Bartlett Robinson in Lux Playhouse TV Series released in 1958.

Michael (XXI) Rose in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TV Series released in 1993.

Bas Rutten in The King of Queens TV Series released in 1998.

James Serpento in Spread TV Film released in 2012.

Rick (XXXV) Smith in Exit/Strategy Film released in 2005.

Rick Springfield in The Six Million Dollar Man TV Series released in 1974.

Martyn Stanbridge in Good and Bad at Games TV Film released in 1983.

Evan (I) Stone in OMG... It's the Nanny XXX Parody Video released in 2011.

Miles Szanto in Married TV Series released in 2014.

Alpha Trivette in Second Wind Storms McKenzie Farms Film released in 2013.

Seth Ullian in On the Q.T. Film released in 1999.

George Voskovec in Mannix TV Series released in 1967.

Harley Wallen in On the Ground Video released in 2013.

Scott Wiper in Dark Descent Film released in 2002.

David (XV) Woods in Ten Pistols Film released in 2008.

Tony (I) Bill in The Little Dragons Film released in 1979.

Mehcad Brooks in Creature Film released in 2011.

Andrew (III) Butler in The Brotherhood IV: The Complex Video released in 2005.

Thom (I) Christopher in Nola Film released in 2003.

William (I) Christopher in Nichols TV Series released in 1971.

James (I) Coburn in Black Saddle TV Series released in 1959.

Daniel (I) Davis in Making the Nanny Video released in 2005.

Daniel (I) Davis in The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember TV Film released in 2004.

Daniel (I) Davis in Intimate Portrait TV Series released in 1993.

Daniel (I) Davis in The Nanny TV Series released in 1993.

Robert (I) Dee in One Bad Day Film released in 1999.

King Donovan in The Man Behind the Badge TV Series released in 1953.

Wilson Dunster in Operation Delta Force TV Film released in 1997.

G.J. Echternkamp in Extraordinary Measures Film released in 2010.

Michael Ensign in Secret Bodyguard TV Series released in 1991.

Joseph (I) Ferrante in The Advocate Film released in 0.

Andrew Fiscella in House M.D. TV Series released in 2004.

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Who played Niles Which actors played the role of Niles.

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