Who played the role of Pendleton | Which actor played Pendleton

The character of Pendleton is played by Adrienne Berry in Glee TV Series released in 2009.

Paul Ambrus in ER TV Series released in 1994.

Tommy Green Jr. in The Jerk Theory Film released in 2009.

John (I) Hammil in Young Guns II Film released in 1990.

Charles Kay in Edge of Darkness TV Series released in 1985.

Otto Lagoni in Dr. Gar el Hama I Film released in 1911.

Charles Laite in An Affair of Three Nations Film released in 1915.

Charles Laite in The Menace of the Mute Film released in 1915.

Charles (I) Meredith in Bright Leaf Film released in 1950.

John Milford in A Man Called Shenandoah TV Series released in 1965.

Hugh (I) Morton in Fame Is the Spur TV Series released in 1982.

Michael (I) Peake in The Highwayman TV Film released in 1958.

P.J. Prinsloo in A Dog Named Christmas TV Film released in 2009.

Peter Reardon in Miracle's Boys TV Series released in 2005.

Herbert Rudley in You Are There TV Series released in 1953.

C. Montague Shaw in It's All Yours Film released in 1937.

Jordan VanDina in The Bieber Fever Film released in 2011.

Gabriel Vick in Eliminate: Archie Cookson Film released in 2011.

Wylie Watson in Fame Is the Spur Film released in 1947.

James (II) Westlake in The Death of Daniel Whately Film released in 2004.

William Worthington in Give Me Liberty Film released in 1936.

Whit Bissell in Trackdown TV Series released in 1957.

Cormac Bohan in Virginity Badge Film released in 2014.

Ralph Bushman in The Murder Man Film released in 1935.

Ryan Dinning in The Carrie Diaries TV Series released in 2013.

William (I) Edmonson in Tallahassee 7000 TV Series released in 1961.

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Who played Pendleton Which actors played the role of Pendleton.

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