Who played the role of Perlman | Which actor played Perlman

The character of Perlman is played by Jerry (I) Adler in Goodbye Baby Film released in 2007.

Jerry (I) Adler in Wonderland TV Series released in 2000.

William (I) Hansen in Shirts/Skins TV Film released in 1973.

Jack (II) Mather in High Card TV Series released in 1981.

Ricky (I) Powell in Losin' It Film released in 1983.

Richard Schiff in Maybe This Time TV Series released in 1995.

Adam Sims in Life:XP Film released in 2007.

Artur Steranko in Wenecja Film released in 2010.

Frank Christi in Griff TV Series released in 1973.

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Who played Perlman Which actors played the role of Perlman.

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