Who played the role of Prefect of Police | Which actor played Prefect of Police

The character of Prefect of Police is played by John Abineri in Soft Beds, Hard Battles Film released in 1974.

Henri Antiznat in The Nightingale Film released in 1914.

�mile Genest in The Farmer's Daughter TV Series released in 1963.

Seymour Green in The Last Man Out TV Series released in 1962.

Russell (I) Hicks in Thunder in the Night Film released in 1935.

Brandon (I) Hurst in Murders in the Rue Morgue Film released in 1932.

Henry Kolker in One Heavenly Night Film released in 1931.

Henry Leone in Should a Mother Tell Film released in 1915.

Aubrey Mallalieu in Meet Me at Dawn Film released in 1947.

Ian McShane in The Murders in the Rue Morgue TV Film released in 1986.

Robert (I) Middlemass in Madame X Film released in 1937.

John Miljan in Ars�ne Lupin Film released in 1932.

Lee Montague in Supernatural TV Series released in 1977.

Georges Morton in Le roi des palaces Film released in 1932.

Bernard Nedell in Monsieur Verdoux Film released in 1947.

John (I) Banner in Screen Directors Playhouse TV Series released in 1955.

Charles Beetham in The Face at the Window Film released in 1919.

Frank Reicher in I'll Give a Million Film released in 1938.

Georges Renavent in Action in Arabia Film released in 1944.

Andrew (I) Robson in The Devil's Wheel Film released in 1918.

Hector V. Sarno in Trouble in Paradise Film released in 1932.

Rolfe Sedan in A Desperate Adventure Film released in 1938.

Dan (I) Seymour in A Night in Casablanca Film released in 1946.

Robert (I) Strange in Stolen Holiday Film released in 1937.

Robert Tafur in The Woman from Tangier Film released in 1948.

August Tollaire in The Tender Hour Film released in 1927.

Frederick Valk in The Adventures of Aggie TV Series released in 1956.

John Verros in Bourbon Street Beat TV Series released in 1959.

Frederick Vroom in 813 Film released in 1920.

George Waring in The Prisoner of Zenda TV Series released in 1984.

Pierre Watkin in The Life of Emile Zola Film released in 1937.

Clarence (I) Wilson in Jewel Robbery Film released in 1932.

Harry (I) Worth in Rio Film released in 1939.

George Zucco in Ars�ne Lupin Returns Film released in 1938.

Robert (III) Cummings in The Ivory Snuff Box Film released in 1915.

Roy D'Arcy in The Masked Bride Film released in 1925.

C.A. de Lima in The Strongest Film released in 1920.

William A. Evans in The Education of Mr. Pipp Film released in 1914.

George Fawcett in Panthea Film released in 1917.

Fritz Feld in The Catman of Paris Film released in 1946.

Grant Foreman in The Return of Gentleman Joe Film released in 1915.

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Who played Prefect of Police Which actors played the role of Prefect of Police.

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