Who played the role of Prisoner 1 | Which actor played Prisoner 1

The character of Prisoner 1 is played by Mika Kenyah in Math Warriors TV Series released in 2012.

Gloria Lusiak in Run Like Hell Film released in 1995.

Rainee Nicholls in Wentworth TV Series released in 2013.

Jane (I) Parker in Sons and Daughters TV Series released in 1982.

Amy Van in On Consignment 4 Video released in 2012.

Jelena Budimir in Silent Witness TV Series released in 1996.

Shareena Clanton in Rescue Special Ops TV Series released in 2009.

Gayla (I) Johnson in The Real Consequence Film released in 2014.

Sal Galofaro in Killing Time TV Series released in 2010.

Bjarni (I) Gautur in The Place Film released in 2009.

Amador Pita Gonzales in Don Quixote TV Film released in 2000.

Jason (III) Graves in The Last of Us: The Fireflies Film released in 2013.

Paul (III) Hamilton in The Long Firm TV Series released in 2004.

Lewis Howden in The Chief TV Series released in 1990.

Colin (I) Hurley in The Storyteller TV Series released in 1987.

Daniel (XI) James in Proximity Film released in 2013.

Tyler Saint James in Tosh.Hole Video released in 2012.

Sung-hoon Jung in Bin-jip Film released in 2004.

Marcin Kalisz in Journey's End Film released in 2011.

Julie (I) Locy in Take 1 Film released in 2013.

Julie (II) Locy in Lucifer Film released in 2013.

Phillip (II) Lopez in The Batman Files TV Series released in 2012.

Scott Lykins in Sanghaj Film released in 2012.

P�l Makkai in Zuhan�rep�l�s Film released in 2007.

Ross (I) Maxwell in Outlander TV Series released in 2014.

Shareef McIntosh in The Sun King Film released in 2005.

Craig Millar in City Homicide TV Series released in 2007.

Nebojsa Milojevic in Lora Film released in 2008.

Lesetja Mohlabane in The Studio Club Film released in 2014.

Colin (IV) Morrison in One Day Removals Film released in 2008.

Jeremy (II) Mullins in Hollow Creek Film released in 2015.

Azfar Najmi in Lucky Bastard Film released in 2005.

Lynton Atkinson in Fidelio TV Film released in 1990.

Joshua (II) Barnett in A Time for War II Film released in 2009.

Conor (I) Barry in The Honourable Scaffolder Film released in 2003.

Mark O'Regan in The Governor TV Series released in 1995.

Dave Power in Red Tails Film released in 2012.

John (I) Proper in Tandarra TV Series released in 1976.

Wilson Ramirez in Crackula Goes to Hollywood Film released in 2015.

E.R. Ruiz in Grand Theft Auto: Give Me Liberty TV Film released in 2014.

Mario Sisinni in Last Meal Film released in 2014.

Peter Sproule in Olly's Prison TV Film released in 1993.

Barry Timberlake in Dancing in the Chamber Film released in 2012.

Eric Urschel in Das Tagebuch Film released in 2009.

Drew Verderame in Bad Apples Film released in 2011.

Paul (I) Wright in Infamous Film released in 2006.

Milovan Berdovic in Jauk Film released in 2008.

Marcelo Borja in Carrot Cake Film released in 2013.

Mario Zulaica Carrillo in Noche sin luna Film released in 2010.

Derek Bujalski in Earth: Final Conflict TV Series released in 1997.

Ernie David in Indecent Professor Film released in 1995.

Yianni Digaletos in Cost of a Soul Film released in 2010.

Mark Erber in Review with Myles Barlow TV Series released in 2008.

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Who played Prisoner 1 Which actors played the role of Prisoner 1.

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