Who played the role of Pyotr | Which actor played Pyotr

The character of Pyotr is played by Aleksandr (III) Aleksandrov in 20-e dekabrya TV Series released in 1982.

Aleksandr (II) Alekseev in Ya vinovat Film released in 1993.

Pyotr Aleynikov in Komsomolsk Film released in 1938.

Oleg Garbuz in Semin TV Series released in 2009.

Pavel Gayduchenko in Vagonchik moy dalniy Film released in 2013.

Zhirayr Gazaryan in Sovsem ryadom Film released in 2009.

Michael (I) Golden in The Birds Fall Down TV Series released in 1978.

Anatoli Gorchilin in Serp i molot Film released in 1921.

Yuriy Gorobets in Eshchyo ne vecher Film released in 1975.

Vladimir Gostyukhin in Quiet Flows the Don Film released in 2006.

Constantine Gregory in Maschenka Film released in 1987.

Aleksey (I) Guskov in Nevernost TV Film released in 2006.

Tony Kahn in Yulya's Diary TV Film released in 1980.

Toby Kebbell in Buddha's Little Finger Film released in 2015.

Anatoliy Kotenyov in 1941 TV Series released in 2009.

Saveliy Kramarov in Trembita Film released in 1968.

Valentin Kuku-Bajor in Tainstvennyy uznik Film released in 1986.

Vasiliy Livanov in Slepoy muzykant Film released in 1960.

Paul (XIII) Mann in Daredevil TV Series released in 2015.

B. Matysik in Andrey Rublyov Film released in 1966.

Andrey (I) Mironov in A esli eto lyubov? Film released in 1962.

Evgeniy (I) Mironov in Sindrom Petrushki Film released in 2015.

Sasha Moiseyev in Neterpeniye dushi Film released in 1987.

Ivan Mykolaichuk in Bilyy ptakh z chornoyu vidznakoyu Film released in 1971.

Leonid Nevedomsky in Stepen riska Film released in 1969.

Artyom (II) Artemev in Knyazhna iz khrushchyovki TV Film released in 2013.

Pavel Basov in Angely revolyutsii Film released in 2014.

Ivan Osipov in Prostye veshchi Film released in 2007.

Fyodor Panasenko in Pravo na lyubov Film released in 1977.

Vilori Pashchenko in Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov TV Series released in 1972.

Yuriy Pavlov in Magnitnye buri Film released in 2003.

Sergey Prikhodko in Nochnoy dozor Film released in 2004.

Aleksandr Robak in Snezhnyy chelovek TV Film released in 2008.

Leonid Satanovskiy in Utolyeniye zhazhdy Film released in 1968.

Gennady Sayfulin in Probuzhdenie Film released in 1968.

Andy Serkis in Grushko TV Series released in 1994.

Anton Shagin in Kuprin. Yama TV Series released in 2014.

Viktor Shulgin in Razreshite vzlyot! Film released in 1972.

Vladimir (II) Skvortsov in Tikhaya semeynaya zhizn TV Film released in 2008.

Artur Smolyaninov in Yolki 1914 Film released in 2014.

Aleksandr Strelnikov in Kollegi Film released in 1962.

Evgeniy Teterin in Yeshchyo lyublyu, yeshchyo nadeyus Film released in 1985.

Aleksandr (I) Tolstykh in Katya-Katyusha Film released in 1960.

Tyler W. (I) Toppings in Philistines: Live at the University of Regina Film released in 2014.

Timofey Tribuntsev in Staroe ruzhe TV Series released in 2014.

Evgeniy Tsyganov in Alaverdi Film released in 2012.

Aleksey Vanin in Kalina krasnaya Film released in 1974.

Ivan (II) Volkov in Budem na ty TV Film released in 2007.

Petar Zekavica in PiraMMMida Film released in 2011.

Valeri Belyakov in Tri dnya Viktora Chernyshova Film released in 1968.

Anthony (I) Booth in The Saint TV Series released in 1962.

Dmitry (II) Zhuravlyov in Liniya zashchity TV Series released in 2002.

William Lyon Brown in The Promise Film released in 1969.

Turhan Caylak in The Blacklist TV Series released in 2013.

Sam (II) Cobean in Dirty Bomb Film released in 2013.

Andryus Daryala in Milyy Khans, dorogoy Pyotr Film released in 2015.

Fyodor (II) Dobronravov in All Inclusive ili Vsyo vklyucheno! Film released in 2011.

Viktor Dobronravov in Bolshaya rzhaka Film released in 2012.

Vernon Dobtcheff in Operation: Daybreak Film released in 1975.

Oleg Filipchik in Yolki Film released in 2010.

Gregory Flitsanov in Rise Film released in 2014.

Shak Foroughi in Hiro Film released in 2015.

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Who played Pyotr Which actors played the role of Pyotr.

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