Who played the role of Renaldo | Which actor played Renaldo

The character of Renaldo is played by Haji Abdullah in Two Naked Men Making a Sandwich TV Series released in 2010.

Rico Alaniz in Frontier Doctor TV Series released in 1958.

Jerry Albert in Putz Film released in 1988.

Don Alvarado in Black Beauty Film released in 1933.

Don Alvarado in Sweet Adeline Film released in 1934.

Cameron Gharaee in The Queen of Screams Film released in 2009.

Clifford (I) Harrington in Boy Culture Film released in 2006.

Johnny (I) Hernandez in Alice in Storageland Film released in 2004.

Charles Inslee in The Vaquero's Vow Film released in 1908.

Jason (XXVII) James in Seven at One Blow Film released in 2009.

Renaldo Jensen in The Fight Never Ends Film released in 1949.

Vincent Laresca in I'm Not Rappaport Film released in 1996.

Raul Limon in The Sorrow Man Film released in 2013.

Enrique (I) Lucero in La bataille de San Sebastian Film released in 1968.

Carlos (II) Machado in Brazilian Brawl Video released in 2003.

Rob Macie in Where the Devil Dwells Film released in 2014.

Hal March in The Monkees TV Series released in 1966.

Kenny Santiago Marrero in Criminal Activities Film released in 2015.

Andrew B. McCosker in The Life and Times of Charlie Putz Film released in 1994.

Jos� (I) Mendoza in Best Laid Plans Film released in 1999.

Jacques Menichetti in Rouge midi Film released in 1985.

David Merheb in Pie Head: A Kinda' True Story Film released in 2012.

Victor Mohica in Barnaby Jones TV Series released in 1973.

Jason (I) Naylor in It's Garry Shandling's Show. TV Series released in 1986.

Walter Ortiz in Kissing Strangers Film released in 2010.

Anthony (XII) Parker in Stupid Stupid Man TV Series released in 2006.

Ivan Quintanilla in All My Children TV Series released in 1970.

Efren (I) Ramirez in Missing Pieces TV Film released in 2000.

Jesse Rath in Cra$h & Burn TV Series released in 2009.

Duncan Renaldo in Cowboys from Texas Film released in 1939.

Duncan Renaldo in The Kansas Terrors Film released in 1939.

Duncan Renaldo in Zorro Rides Again Film released in 1937.

Duncan Renaldo in Zorro Rides Again Film released in 1959.

Victor (I) Rivers in Last Resort Film released in 1986.

Ramon (II) Rodriguez in The Wire TV Series released in 2002.

Rodney Saulsberry in 227 TV Series released in 1985.

Gregory Sierra in The Fireman's Ball TV Film released in 1975.

Loren Stouffer in Go-Go Fever Film released in 2011.

Kirk (I) Taylor in The Return of Superfly Film released in 1990.

Jeff Winter in Basket Case 3 Film released in 1991.

Devin Wolf in The Spa Video released in 2000.

Taylor (I) Zakhar in Suburgatory TV Series released in 2011.

Joseph Bert�t in You're So Dead Film released in 2007.

Devon Bostick in The Truth Film released in 2012.

Dick Botiller in Flirting with Fate Film released in 1938.

Jack Bright in America's Most Wanted TV Series released in 1988.

Buel Bryant in Zorro's Fighting Legion Film released in 1939.

Kurt Caceres in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Geno Carrapetta in Eric James Is a Has-Been Video released in 2007.

Richard Chevolleau in Show Me Yours TV Series released in 2004.

Franco Corsaro in A Tragedy at Midnight Film released in 1942.

Jesse Corti in Handy Manny TV Series released in 2006.

Chris Coxen in Quiet Desperation TV Series released in 2010.

Pepe Crow in The Facts of Life TV Series released in 1979.

Andy Davoli in Bad Ass Film released in 2012.

Rio Dekin in Family Matters TV Series released in 1989.

Kevin Dornan in Santorini Blue Film released in 2013.

Bob Dylan in Renaldo and Clara Film released in 1978.

Don (I) Fernando in Lip Service Film released in 1989.

Thomas Mikal Ford in The Good Ole Days Film released in 2012.

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