Who played the role of Roarke | Which actor played Roarke

The character of Roarke is played by Allan (III) Gray in Replicant Film released in 2001.

Clu (I) Gulager in Hit Lady TV Film released in 1974.

Ciar�n Hinds in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Film released in 2011.

P.l Hobden in Left for Dead Film released in 2005.

Paul (I) Jamieson in Freedom TV Series released in 2000.

Bob McCracken in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Ralph McCullough in Parole Racket Film released in 1937.

Bobby McLaughlin in The Incredible Hulk Returns TV Film released in 1988.

David Nett in Ride the Lightning TV Series released in 2014.

Gerald S. O'Loughlin in Nichols TV Series released in 1971.

Herman Poppe in The A-Team TV Series released in 1983.

Pierre Watkin in The Whistler TV Series released in 1954.

Andrew Borba in Century City TV Series released in 2004.

Paul Calahan in Shroud Film released in 2009.

Michael (I) D'Amico in The Ultimate Weapon Film released in 1998.

Dan (II) Dawson in Smalltown Film released in 2015.

Barry (I) Flatman in Murder in Space TV Film released in 1985.

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Who played Roarke Which actors played the role of Roarke.

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