Who played the role of Rog | Which actor played Rog

The character of Rog is played by Tom (I) Arnold in Homo Erectus Film released in 2007.

Zach Galligan in Zandalee Film released in 1991.

Tim (I) Gosley in The Argon Quest Film released in 1990.

Douglas M. Griffin in Dallas Buyers Club Film released in 2013.

Stanley Jact in The Troubleshooters TV Series released in 1965.

Robert (I) Joy in Whole New Thing Film released in 2005.

Ben Kliewer in We All Scream Film released in 2015.

Al Lettieri in The Walter Winchell File TV Series released in 1957.

Stephen (I) Lovatt in Fantail Film released in 2013.

Nick (I) Offerman in ER TV Series released in 1994.

Paul (XII) Parker in October 16 Film released in 2007.

Keng Vang in Sunset on Dawn/Kho Neeg Film released in 2015.

Bobby (I) Bright in Only the Brave Film released in 1994.

Sean (I) Crampton in The Big Hunt Film released in 2011.

Roland Curram in Late Night Theatre TV Series released in 1972.

Calvin (II) Dean in Passengers Film released in 2014.

Wilfred Downing in The Villains TV Series released in 1964.

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Who played Rog Which actors played the role of Rog.

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