Who played the role of Rolfe | Which actor played Rolfe

The character of Rolfe is played by Frank (I) Andrews in The Oldest Law Film released in 1918.

Garrett Herrin in The Sunshine in the Rain Film released in 2010.

Barry Laws in Mancuso, FBI TV Series released in 1989.

Steven Mackintosh in The Woman in Black TV Film released in 1989.

Stephen Mailer in H.E.L.P. TV Series released in 1990.

John Miljan in Scattergood Survives a Murder Film released in 1942.

Ben (I) Bates in The Fall Guy TV Series released in 1981.

Gary Oldman in Tiptoes Film released in 2003.

Brett (I) Porter in Stiletto Dance TV Film released in 2001.

Marshall (I) Reed in Hurricane Island Film released in 1951.

Francis Roberts in Interlude in Eden TV Film released in 1949.

Paco Tolson in Mars, One-Way Film released in 2014.

Daniel Truhitte in The Sound of Music Film released in 1965.

Friedrich von Thun in Assignment K Film released in 1968.

Richard Widmark in The Long Ships Film released in 1964.

Richard (I) Borg in Spenser: For Hire TV Series released in 1985.

Peter Brocco in Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture Film released in 1949.

J.D. (I) Carter in Foet Film released in 2001.

Robert (I) Clarke in Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Film released in 1953.

Frank Hall Crane in Pocahontas Film released in 1910.

Paul Eddington in The Adventures of Robin Hood TV Series released in 1955.

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Who played Rolfe Which actors played the role of Rolfe.

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