Who played the role of Rosco | Which actor played Rosco

The character of Rosco is played by Torey Adkins in Imogen Film released in 2008.

Tom�s Gayo in Gente de fiesta TV Film released in 2012.

David Gilna in Aisling's Diary TV Series released in 2008.

Leon Greene in Adventures of a Private Eye Film released in 1977.

Bill Gunn in The Interns Film released in 1962.

Bunky Hart in The Galaxy Invader Video released in 1985.

Bradley Hulme in The Feds: Abduction TV Film released in 1993.

Chris (LII) Johnson in Dirty Red Film released in 2009.

Lachlan (I) Judd in Cops LAC TV Series released in 2010.

Joey (IV) Martinez in Goliath Film released in 2010.

Ben (I) McManus in Pulp Film released in 2013.

Jeff (VIII) Mitchell in Mountain Mafia Film released in 2012.

J.T. Mollner in The Heartbreak Cafe TV Series released in 1997.

Roscoe Ates in A Clean-Up on the Curb Film released in 1931.

Roscoe Ates in The Great Lover Film released in 1931.

Colm O'Maonlai in Deich gCoisceim Film released in 2000.

Claudio Pesce in Goat Film released in 2013.

Puneet Rao in The Blunt Diaries Film released in 2009.

Frank (I) Robert in Nattmagasinet TV Film released in 1970.

Shane Vander Rosenberg in Black Thunder Film released in 2011.

Jesse Routhier in Toasted! Film released in 2012.

Craig Sailor in Bad Idea Film released in 2010.

Mario (II) Santini in Une partie de plaisir Film released in 1975.

Dean Satriano in Legacy of the Tengu Film released in 2014.

David (III) Saucedo in 6 Ways to Sundown Film released in 2015.

Simon (III) Scott in Sleeper Film released in 2005.

Dave (I) Sheridan in Littleman Film released in 2006.

Steven St. Croix in Arabian Nights Video released in 1993.

Richard (I) Sutherland in Metal Skin Film released in 1994.

Israel Wright in Rags Film released in 2011.

Warwick Young in After the Rain Film released in 2000.

James (I) Best in The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home Film released in 1999.

Dennis Bigelow in Faith in a Man Video released in 2012.

Kevin (II) Blake in iCarly TV Series released in 2007.

Bruce Blauer in Into the Void Film released in 2000.

Bryan (I) Brown in Cactus Film released in 2008.

Tom (IX) Brown in The Go Fast TV Series released in 2014.

Peter (I) Bryant in Romeo! TV Series released in 2003.

Kevin Caudill in Finders Keepers Film released in 2005.

Mark (III) Clifford in Touch of Flesh Film released in 2010.

Kyle B. Davis in One More Stop Film released in 2011.

Charles De'Ath in Casualty TV Series released in 1986.

Rosco DeSpain in The Secret of the Egg Roll Film released in 2002.

Ken Frances in Beasties Video released in 1991.

Bob (I) Frazer in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

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Who played Rosco Which actors played the role of Rosco.

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