Who played the role of Roscoe | Which actor played Roscoe

The character of Roscoe is played by Polly (II) Adams in Law & Order: Criminal Intent TV Series released in 2001.

Ruth Ann Lentz in Cake: A Wedding Story Film released in 2007.

Kimberly Payetta in Saucy Flyer U.F.O. P.I. Film released in 2013.

Jon (I) Abrahams in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Norman Alden in Sledge Hammer! TV Series released in 1986.

Leon Alton in My Hero TV Series released in 1952.

Erich (I) Anderson in Welcome to 18 Film released in 1986.

Steve Antin in Penitentiary III Film released in 1987.

Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle in Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life Film released in 1915.

Wayne (I) Armstrong in Freeway Maniac Film released in 1989.

Blake Garrett Rosenthal in Mom TV Series released in 2013.

Floyd Gellerman in Brobot Film released in 2005.

Larry Gelman in One Day at a Time TV Series released in 1975.

Craig Geraghty in The Radium Follies Film released in 2006.

Anthony Giaimo in Un piede in paradiso Film released in 1991.

Ned Glass in Mayberry R.F.D. TV Series released in 1968.

Freddi Goforth in Dance with a Vampire Video released in 2006.

Marc Gomes in Night Heat TV Series released in 1985.

Bradley Gregg in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Film released in 1989.

Mike Grief in Sharpshooter TV Film released in 2007.

Jon (I) Gries in Quantum Leap TV Series released in 1989.

Tracii Guns in Charlie's Death Wish Video released in 2005.

John Hallam in Thriller TV Series released in 1973.

Mason Hallberg in Go West Film released in 2010.

Cory Hardrict in The Least Among You Film released in 2009.

Georgie (I) Harris in Boys Will Be Girls Film released in 1936.

Steve (I) Harris in Justified TV Series released in 2010.

Steve (I) Hatcher in It Had to Be You Video released in 2000.

Ted Hecht in The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin TV Series released in 1954.

Ben (III) Higgins in Messages in Bottles Film released in 2012.

Kevin Hipps in VS Film released in 2009.

Ernie Hudson in Hood of Horror Film released in 2006.

Allen (I) Jenkins in Hard to Get Film released in 1938.

Anthony (I) Johnson in Roscoe's House of Chicken n Waffles Video released in 2004.

Veron Kanayurak in On the Ice Film released in 2011.

Russ Kay in Younglings Film released in 2015.

Roy Kinnear in The Firechasers Film released in 1971.

Thomas Kretschmann in Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 Film released in 2004.

Bill Landis in Sex Crimes 2084 Film released in 1985.

Sydney Lassick in Cool as Ice Film released in 1991.

Richard (I) Lawson in Delilah Underwood Film released in 0.

Sam (I) Levene in Sunday Punch Film released in 1942.

Dan Linck in Yard Sale Film released in 2004.

Daniel Linck in Yard Sale Film released in 2004.

Calvin Lockhart in Leo the Last Film released in 1970.

Walter Long in Wild Horse Canyon Film released in 1938.

Karl (I) Lucas in Dante TV Series released in 1960.

James Luisi in It's a Living TV Series released in 1980.

Edmund Lupinski in Hot Stuff Film released in 1979.

Richie Magallanes in The Lonelys Film released in 1999.

Tony (I) Martino in Black Throat Video released in 1985.

Tony (I) Martino in True Legends of Adult Cinema: Only the Very Best on Video Video released in 1992.

Terence Mathews in Family Matters TV Series released in 1989.

Norman Max Maxwell in The Crow Film released in 1994.

Carl McCrystal in Diamond Geezer TV Series released in 2005.

George (I) McDonald in The Pride of St. Louis Film released in 1952.

Joseph Meissner in The Proposal Film released in 2008.

Ian Mercer in Shameless TV Series released in 2004.

Bruce (II) Meyers in Les carnassiers TV Film released in 1991.

Steve Millichamp in Phoenix TV Series released in 1992.

E. Roger Mitchell in Cell Film released in 2015.

Darren Modder in Married with Children TV Series released in 1987.

Bill Mondy in The Dead Zone Video released in 2002.

Kieron (I) Moore in I Thank a Fool Film released in 1962.

Stephen (I) Moore in Under Suspicion Film released in 1991.

Chris Mulisano in Killer Film released in 2011.

Dennis (I) Neal in Swamp Thing TV Series released in 1990.

Jack Newmark in No Hiding Place TV Series released in 1959.

Roscoe Ates in Freaks Film released in 1932.

Roscoe Ates in Cinemassacre's Monster Madness TV Series released in 2007.

James (I) Avery in All About the Andersons TV Series released in 2003.

Obba Babatund� in Lap Dance Film released in 2014.

David Bacque in Dealer Incentives Film released in 2015.

Marc Barb� in La vie nouvelle Film released in 2002.

Iran Barkley in Homeboy Film released in 1988.

Dante Basco in Roscoe and Maggie Film released in 2014.

Farnham Baxter in Dick Barton: Special Agent Film released in 1948.

Dick Beals in Garfield and Friends TV Series released in 1988.

Bryan (I) O'Dell in A Piece of the Action Film released in 1977.

Matt O'Mahoney in Experiment:17 Film released in 2004.

Silvio Ofria in All Saints TV Series released in 1998.

Dan Olvera in Optimism Film released in 2003.

Robert Patteri in Grizzly Mountain Film released in 1997.

Pat (I) Patterson in The Traveling Executioner Film released in 1970.

Nat Pendleton in The Ghost Comes Home Film released in 1940.

Txema Perez in Lola Film released in 2012.

Jeff Daniel Phillips in 31 Film released in 2016.

William J. Phillips in Love, Anteros Film released in 2009.

Slim (I) Pickens in Maverick TV Series released in 1957.

Stack Pierce in Vice Squad Film released in 1982.

Roderick L. Polk in Joe Film released in 2013.

Andrew Prine in Murder, She Wrote TV Series released in 1984.

Troy Punk in Dirty Little Sins Video released in 2005.

Gustavo P�rez de Ayala in Dime una mentira Film released in 1993.

Chris Quillan in Crimson Lipped Kiss Film released in 2012.

Louis (I) Quinn in 77 Sunset Strip TV Series released in 1958.

George Rankins in Hear No Evil Film released in 1993.

Peter (I) Read in The Darkside Film released in 1987.

Nate Reese in Fire & Ice TV Film released in 2001.

Ray (II) Reese in Stalls Film released in 2006.

Ray King Reese in Stalls Film released in 2006.

Jonathan Reinglas in Funeral Brain Film released in 2014.

Maurice Ripke in Six Gun Film released in 2008.

Michael D. Roberts in The Ice Pirates Film released in 1984.

Brian Roger in Comedy Traffic School Film released in 2010.

Roscoe (I) in Gus Film released in 2009.

Roscoe (IV) in Roscoe Film released in 2015.

Arthur Rubin in Great Performances TV Series released in 1971.

Robert (II) Russell in Queen of the Blues Film released in 1979.

Paul (I) Rutter in Roscoe's Redemption Film released in 2009.

William (I) Sage in The Mighty Kong Video released in 1998.

Mario Salvador Jr. in Welcome Home: The Jay Randall Story 2009 Video released in 2010.

Herschel Savage in Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy! Video released in 1985.

Carl Saxe in Lost Flight TV Film released in 1970.

Patrick Schnabel in Becoming Vince Film released in 2008.

Jackie Searl in The Barbara Stanwyck Show TV Series released in 1960.

John (II) Sharkey in Journeyman Film released in 2005.

Barry Paul Silver in Thunder TV Series released in 1977.

Robert B. Silver in $weethearts Film released in 2010.

J.K. Simmons in The Heeler Film released in 2013.

James (IV) Sizemore in The Demon's Rook Film released in 2013.

Ralph Smiley in My Favorite Martian TV Series released in 1963.

Elijah Smith III in Illegal Entry: Formula for Fear Film released in 1993.

Joseph Julian Soria in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Joe Spinell in The Undertaker Film released in 1988.

Kevin Squires in The Gambler: Love Turns to Hate Video released in 2007.

Peter St. Cyr in Tooth and Nail Film released in 2009.

David Stair in #1 Film released in 2010.

Milton Stark in Julia TV Series released in 1968.

Saul Stein in New Jersey Drive Film released in 1995.

Eric Stitt in If a Cowboy Hosted the News Film released in 2014.

Neil Stuke in Circus Film released in 2000.

Donald Sumpter in Bergerac TV Series released in 1981.

Eric Talon in The Vibe Video released in 2012.

Shawn Telford in Grimm TV Series released in 2011.

William Tepper in Call Her Mom TV Film released in 1972.

Carl Thibault in All's Fair in Love & War Film released in 1997.

Alex (I) Thomas in Woman Thou Art Loosed Film released in 2004.

Corbin Tojeira in Little Pig Film released in 2014.

Raviv Ullman in Pixel Perfect TV Film released in 2004.

Joe Unger in Together & Alone Film released in 1998.

Oliver Villar in Gore-e-ography: The Making of Death Harmony Film released in 2010.

Adam (I) Wade in Kiss Me Goodbye Film released in 1982.

Jimmy Walker Jr. in Black Dynamite Film released in 2009.

Jimmy Walker Jr. in Black Dynamite TV Series released in 2011.

Justin Welborn in Gunmetal Grey Film released in 2005.

Gary Werntz in The Art of Dying Film released in 1991.

Logan (I) Wetzel in Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus Film released in 2015.

Clay Wilcox in Yellow Rock Film released in 2011.

David (I) Wills in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal TV Series released in 2011.

John (I) Witherspoon in Ride Film released in 1998.

Steve (I) Bentley in The Platinum Peacemaker Film released in 2010.

Joe Berryman in Dallas: The Early Years TV Film released in 1986.

Big Bub in Who's the Man? Film released in 1993.

Taurean Blacque in Oliver & Company Film released in 1988.

Robert (I) Blythe in London's Burning TV Series released in 1988.

Jacques Apollo Bolton in City of Angels TV Series released in 2000.

Danny Bonaduce in Firedog Film released in 2010.

Talon Borrelli in Dr. Ella Mental's Mad Lab Picture Show: A Budderbottom Xmas! Film released in 2013.

Peter Brocco in The Rockford Files TV Series released in 1974.

Benjamin R. Brown III in Violent Blue Film released in 2011.

Andre (I) Brown in Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote Film released in 2013.

Johnny (I) Brown in The Fireman's Ball TV Film released in 1975.

Roscoe Lee Browne in Baby Talk TV Series released in 1991.

Frank Cangialosi in Cannabless Film released in 2009.

Lil Capp in Bout Dat Life Video released in 2015.

Todd (I) Carpenter in Peter Rottentail Video released in 2004.

Will (II) Carter in Divorced Dudes Film released in 2012.

Dominic Chianese Jr. in All About the Benjamins Film released in 2002.

Gig Clarke in Light Box Trio Film released in 2010.

Jonathan (I) Collard in Funny Boy Film released in 1987.

K.C. Collins in The Red Sneakers TV Film released in 2002.

Lem Collins in Crossroads Film released in 2012.

Patrick (II) Collins in The House of Dark Dreams Video released in 1990.

Dennis Cothran in Hardly Beloved Video released in 2011.

King Cotton in Tapeheads Film released in 1988.

Lamont Couch in Bloody Retired Film released in 2014.

Roger R. Cross in Born to Run TV Film released in 1993.

John (II) Cummins in Doctor Who TV Series released in 2005.

John (I) Cusack in Class Film released in 1983.

Andre Danyliu in Disturbing Behavior Film released in 1998.

David (CX) in The PoseidonGodofWater20 Ultimate Cartoon Collection TV Series released in 2013.

Riley Davis III in The Coffee Moochers Video released in 2009.

Slade Demarco in Underpaid Narrator Film released in 2012.

Andy (I) Devine in Bonanza TV Series released in 1959.

Badja Djola in Butter Film released in 1998.

Justin Dmitruk in The Zombie Disposal Unit Presents Zombie Truck Video released in 2012.

Robert (I) Donner in Griff TV Series released in 1973.

Jon Dough in Paris by Night Video released in 1990.

David (I) Doyle in Murphy's Laws of Golf Film released in 1989.

Colton (I) Dunn in Brothers TV Series released in 2009.

Grand Mixer DXT in Medium Rare TV Series released in 2010.

Paul Eckstein in The Steve Harvey Show TV Series released in 1996.

Tony (I) Edwards in House M.D. TV Series released in 2004.

Jeffrey Elder in A Tweet from Heaven Film released in 2012.

Cliff Emmich in Stingray Film released in 1978.

Eric (XLVIII) in The Barratt Family Movie Film released in 2015.

Eric (XLVIII) in The Barratt Family: 2013 TV Series released in 2013.

Eric (XLVIII) in The Barratt Family: Rebooted TV Series released in 2014.

Ra�l Estela in Captain Ron Film released in 1992.

Frank Fanego in Jilted Provision Film released in 2003.

John (I) Farley in The Ridiculous 6 Film released in 2015.

Alfred (III) Ferraris in The Edge Film released in 2013.

Fiend in I Got the Hook Up Film released in 1998.

Frank Finlay in Big Guns TV Series released in 1958.

Dave Fiore in Red Ice Film released in 2011.

Kenny Flyy in Confessions of a Thug Film released in 2005.

Gord Forbes in Maniac Mansion TV Series released in 1990.

William Frawley in One Night in the Tropics Film released in 1940.

Richard Fromm in Imogen Film released in 2014.

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Who played Roscoe Which actors played the role of Roscoe.

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