Who played the role of Rosen | Which actor played Rosen

The character of Rosen is played by Anisa Alamia in Probable Robot Film released in 2015.

Sarah Jorge in #729 Film released in 2011.

Marie-Pierre Neskovic in Les filles du douze Film released in 2000.

Erin Goldstein in The Jake & Charlie Show Film released in 2013.

Stanley (I) Adams in Alcoa Premiere TV Series released in 1961.

Ben Ager in After the Rain Film released in 2000.

Russell Gold in The Million Dollar Incident TV Film released in 1961.

Louis Guss in Nick and the Dobermans TV Film released in 1980.

Jean Hersholt in Christopher Bean Film released in 1933.

Hans Hessling in Ein Zug nach Manhattan TV Film released in 1981.

Jesse Hutch in In Her Line of Fire Film released in 2006.

Rosen Iliev in Tipichno TV Series released in 2013.

Gregory Irvin in My Three Sons TV Series released in 1960.

John (I) Kellogg in Inner Sanctum TV Series released in 1954.

Ken (I) Lerner in The Woman Every Man Wants Film released in 2001.

Forrest Lewis in The Court of Last Resort TV Series released in 1957.

John (I) Maclaren in The Outer Limits TV Series released in 1995.

Geoff Meed in Depth Charge TV Film released in 2008.

Fabrice Moussy in Section de recherches TV Series released in 2006.

Bob Balaban in Absence of Malice Film released in 1981.

Mike (I) Nussbaum in Rosen's Son Film released in 1999.

Bruce Orendorf in The Untouchables TV Series released in 1993.

Eugene (I) Osipor in The Bad Game Video released in 2009.

Robert Pastorelli in Cagney & Lacey TV Series released in 1981.

Stephen Pearlman in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Frank (III) Perry in General Motors Presents TV Series released in 1952.

Jeff Postul in Money Film released in 1991.

Jordan (I) Rhodes in The Bill Cosby Show TV Series released in 1969.

Hans (I) Richter in Die Feuerzangenbowle Film released in 1944.

Robert (V) Rosen in Independence Day Film released in 1976.

David Rossmer in Blue Bloods TV Series released in 2010.

Nicol�s Scarpino in Bajo bandera Film released in 1997.

Julian (I) Sergi in Arms and the Dudes Film released in 2016.

Michael (V) Shannon in The Woodsman Film released in 2004.

Hiram Sherman in Pulitzer Prize Playhouse TV Series released in 1950.

Gregory Ulfan in Marshall Law TV Series released in 2002.

Jacob Weizbluth in Le dernier m�tro Film released in 1980.

Rudolf Wessely in Der Mann auf meinem R�cken TV Film released in 1972.

John A. Zee in Police Woman TV Series released in 1974.

Harold Berens in Hostile Witness Film released in 1968.

Mikey Breaks in The Bachelorette Project Film released in 2012.

Peter Brocco in Trapper John, M.D. TV Series released in 1979.

Daniel Byington in Kisses and Swords Video released in 2004.

Don Calfa in Nobody's Perfect Film released in 1980.

Philip Casnoff in Sex & Marriage Video released in 2013.

Karl-Josef Cramer in Die Feuerzangenbowle Film released in 1970.

Kiernan Ryan Daley in Ice Spiders TV Film released in 2007.

Jean-Claude Dreyfus in L'embrum� TV Film released in 1980.

Tom Everett Scott in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Jonathan Frakes in Nutcracker: Money, Madness & Murder TV Series released in 1987.

Al Fremont in The Scuttlers Film released in 1920.

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Who played Rosen Which actors played the role of Rosen.

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