Who played the role of Sapo | Which actor played Sapo

The character of Sapo is played by Pedro Altamirano in Bandidos Film released in 1991.

Tato Amador in Asesinos inocentes Film released in 2015.

Amador Granados in La Hummer Y El Camaro Azul Video released in 2013.

Tiaggo Guimar�es in Alice in Wonderland Video released in 2011.

Hector (XIX) Hernandez in El regreso de la lobo del a�o Video released in 2001.

Sapo Loco in Welcome 2 America Film released in 2012.

Philippe L�otard in Snack Bar Budapest Film released in 1988.

Jordi Moll� in El �ltimo truco Film released in 2008.

Jordi Moll� in Nadie conoce a nadie Film released in 1999.

Erick Narv�ez in La ley de Dios Video released in 2005.

Jorge Augusto in At� Amanh�, Camaradas TV Series released in 2005.

Carlos Belloso in Cruzadas Film released in 2011.

Daniel (I) Pe�a in Viajero Film released in 1996.

Ernesto Piedra in As� es la vida Film released in 1930.

Jos� Ren� Ruiz in El revoltoso Film released in 1951.

Mat�as Salgado in Herencia fatal Film released in 1997.

Fernando Sily in �Hola Papi! TV Series released in 1995.

�ngel Sosa in Asalto al cine Film released in 2011.

�lvaro Tarsiglo in Katy, la oruga Film released in 1984.

Guillermo Toledo in La espalda de Dios Film released in 2001.

Luis (III) Uribe in La vida es una loter�a TV Series released in 2002.

Juan (II) Vasquez in Sin Frontera Film released in 2014.

Maurice Compte in Sabotage Film released in 2014.

Miguel (II) Cruz in A Floresta M�gica TV Series released in 2003.

Cullen Douglas in Prison Break TV Series released in 2005.

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Who played Sapo Which actors played the role of Sapo.

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