Who played the role of Serna | Which actor played Serna

The character of Serna is played by Robyn (I) Young in Expressionists Film released in 2013.

Georgina del Rincon in La rosa de Guadalupe TV Series released in 2008.

Misli Alan in South of the Border TV Series released in 1988.

Jos� (I) Alonso in Juegos inocentes Film released in 2009.

Reis Hood in I TV Series released in 0.

Alex Rocco in Smokin' Aces Film released in 2006.

Rafael S�nchez Navarro in Cabeza de buda Film released in 2009.

Manolo C�rdenas in La lobo del a�o Video released in 1999.

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Who played Serna Which actors played the role of Serna.

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