Who played the role of Shepard | Which actor played Shepard

The character of Shepard is played by Naama Kates in Road to Moloch Film released in 2009.

Claudia Hellmann in Tosca TV Film released in 1961.

Paul (I) Abramson in Yorktown: In Temporary Command Film released in 1984.

Quinn (I) Allan in John Freeman Story Film released in 2014.

Todd (I) Allen in High Mountain Rangers TV Series released in 1987.

Fernando (I) Gomes in A Visita da Velha Senhora TV Film released in 1994.

Jean Hersholt in The Answer Film released in 1918.

Richard Jaeckel in Herbie Goes Bananas Film released in 1980.

Jonathan Kinsler in Tal der Ahnungslosen Film released in 2003.

Jayden Kubisky in God's Greatest Gift Video released in 2014.

Tommy (I) Lane in Cyberflic Film released in 1997.

Andy Laquintano in Jenna Remembers Film released in 2015.

Kristopher Logan in Baywatch Nights TV Series released in 1995.

Christopher Maddison in One Week in Windchocombe Film released in 2011.

Aleksandr Malinin in Starye pesni o glavnom TV Film released in 1996.

Bill Marchant in Everyone Film released in 2004.

Justin Morck in A Proper Violence Film released in 2011.

Jeff (X) Nichols in Shepard Film released in 2009.

Norman Reedus in Pandorum Film released in 2009.

Leonard Roberts in Dancer and the Dame Film released in 2015.

Andy (I) Schofield in Seeing: Homecoming Film released in 2002.

Bryan G. Thompson in The Cell TV Series released in 2012.

Tom Towles in VR.5 TV Series released in 1995.

Frank C. (I) Turner in The Fly II Film released in 1989.

Donnie Wahlberg in Turok Film released in 2008.

Ellis Williams in Talent Film released in 2009.

Georgie Billings in Shivering Shakespeare Film released in 1930.

Todd (I) Boyce in Space Race TV Series released in 2005.

David Carradine in Q Film released in 1982.

David Carradine in Cinemassacre's Monster Madness TV Series released in 2007.

Reg E. Cathey in Spenser: For Hire TV Series released in 1985.

Z� do Capit�o in Terra Fria Film released in 1992.

Moncho Enr�quez in A Sombra dos Abutres Film released in 1998.

Norman Fell in The Boneyard Film released in 1991.

Ant�nio Fernandes in A Mulher Pol�cia Film released in 2003.

Leo (I) Fitzpatrick in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

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Who played Shepard Which actors played the role of Shepard.

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