Who played the role of Sleepy | Which actor played Sleepy

The character of Sleepy is played by Julie Lemieux in Birdz TV Series released in 1998.

Emily (IV) Moore in The Night Shift Film released in 2011.

Eileen Bennett in He Found a Star Film released in 1941.

Chardonnay Houlette in Memphis Beat TV Series released in 2010.

Mark Adair-Rios in Baywatch TV Series released in 1989.

Te Aho Aho Eketone-Whitu in Weekend Graffiti Film released in 2012.

James (I) Gammon in Cool Hand Luke Film released in 1967.

Al Gerschutz in Slapped! TV Series released in 2013.

Gabriel (II) Gonzales in Mi vida loca Film released in 1993.

Neil Hellegers in Coffee Time Film released in 2007.

Mickey (I) Jones in Dead Bang Film released in 1989.

Paul Koslo in Police Story TV Series released in 1973.

David Lewison in Vanilla Sky Film released in 2001.

Gabriel (VIII) Lopez in Night at the Opera Film released in 2010.

Darris Love in Sucker Free City TV Film released in 2004.

Vince Lozano in Baby Film released in 2010.

Aram Lumley in Fighting Film released in 2009.

Damien Marchal in The Incident Film released in 2011.

Lance (I) Mitchell in The Appointment Film released in 1996.

Jose (II) Murillo in Operation Repo: The Movie Film released in 2009.

Steven Napoli in One Fine Day! TV Series released in 2007.

Gregg Barton in Backlash Film released in 1956.

Bill (II) Bates in Ghosts on the Loose Film released in 1943.

Reinhold Nietschmann in Eine Handvoll Shilling TV Film released in 1955.

Edward Norris in Murder in the Fleet Film released in 1935.

Ronald Pierre in Lift Every Voice Film released in 2014.

Joseph Z. Pritchard in Student Affairs Film released in 1987.

John Qualen in She Had to Eat Film released in 1937.

Jerry (I) Riley in Snow White Live TV Film released in 1980.

Jake (I) Roquemore in Criminal Xing Film released in 2007.

Ricky J. Rudolph Sr. in Get Pony Boy Film released in 2007.

Steve (VII) Russell in Snow White and the Gamble Film released in 2013.

Hassan (I) Said in Safari Film released in 1940.

Henry Slate in The Frogmen Film released in 1951.

Bubba (I) Smith in Full Clip Film released in 2006.

Stephen Stanton in The 7D TV Series released in 2014.

Lincoln Stedman in Rookies Film released in 1927.

Paul (I) Sutton in Ride on Vaquero Film released in 1941.

Sarkis Terteryan in Aram, Aram Film released in 2015.

Eskindir Tesfay in Waste Management Video released in 2006.

Eric (I) Walker in Gettin' Da Munchies Video released in 2005.

Joseph Carl White II in WS Film released in 2013.

Mitsuo (I) Yagi in Kingudamu h�tsu: B�su bai sur�pu Film released in 2010.

Donald (I) Benjamin in The Joke Film released in 2015.

Willie Best in Dog Blight Film released in 1936.

Willie Best in The Nitwits Film released in 1935.

Akio �tsuka in Maddo buru s�ti-f� TV Series released in 1991.

Ben Breternitz in Teufelskicker Film released in 2010.

Roy (I) Butler in Shadows on the Range Film released in 1946.

Ken (I) Clark in The 20th Century-Fox Hour TV Series released in 1955.

Faustino Di Bauda in Once Upon a Time: Magic Is Coming TV Film released in 2012.

Faustino Di Bauda in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 2011.

Anthony Dilio in The Wrath of Cain Film released in 2010.

Jeremy Fultz in La-La Loco Baby Video released in 2008.

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Who played Sleepy Which actors played the role of Sleepy.

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