Who played the role of Sparring Partner | Which actor played Sparring Partner

The character of Sparring Partner is played by Kayla Esmond in Eye for an Eye Film released in 2014.

Willis Ackerman in Jigsaw Video released in 1999.

Ulf (I) Andersson in Svenska Floyd Film released in 1961.

Larry Anzalone in The Street with No Name Film released in 1948.

Billy (I) Armstrong in The Champion Film released in 1915.

Henry (I) Armstrong in The Pittsburgh Kid Film released in 1941.

Lance Gibson in True Justice TV Series released in 2010.

Oliver (I) Goodwill in Fight Night Champion Film released in 2011.

Joe (I) Gray in The Square Jungle Film released in 1955.

Seal Harris in Spirit of Youth Film released in 1938.

Chuck (I) Hicks in The Big Valley TV Series released in 1965.

Alan (VIII) Hopkins in Bound Film released in 2013.

Ryan James Jachetta in A to Z TV Series released in 2014.

Curtis (II) Jackson in The Champ Film released in 1979.

Jace Jeanes in Banshee TV Series released in 2013.

Freddie Jin in Drug Wars: The Camarena Story TV Series released in 1990.

Ernest (IX) Johnson in The Last Fight Film released in 1983.

Cedric (III) Jones in Sex with the Jones Film released in 2012.

Micheal Karpaney in Kenny Film released in 2006.

Christopher Kentebe in Rocky Marciano TV Film released in 1999.

John (I) Kerns in Here Comes Mr. Jordan Film released in 1941.

Fr�d�ric Klose in Profilage TV Series released in 2009.

Frank Kube in Blood Salvage Film released in 1990.

Ren� Lay in A Most Wanted Man Film released in 2014.

Paul Lazenby in Hellcats TV Series released in 2010.

Gene LeBell in The Six Million Dollar Man TV Series released in 1974.

Ben (II) Levy in Punch-Out!! Film released in 2008.

Bill (XI) Lewis in Homicide TV Series released in 1964.

Tom Lucy in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

Edward S. Marks in Last of the Breed Film released in 1996.

Denver Mattson in Movie Movie Film released in 1978.

Paddy McGuire in The Champion Film released in 1915.

Joe McQuillen in Full Impact Film released in 1993.

Miago in The Sopornos 5 Video released in 2003.

Mike (III) Miles in Raging Bull Film released in 1980.

Colin (VII) Mitchell in Good Guys Bad Guys TV Series released in 1997.

Dion Mucciacito in Criminal Minds TV Series released in 2005.

Kevin Arudeaux in Straight Right Film released in 2000.

Jose (I) Avila in Undefeated TV Film released in 2003.

Timothy D. Baker in Lion Strike Film released in 1994.

Joey Barnum in World in My Corner Film released in 1956.

Paul (I) Bean in Fighter's Chance TV Film released in 2012.

Ted Pavelec in Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad Film released in 1948.

Ted Pavelec in Right Cross Film released in 1950.

Rocky Pepeli in Tyson TV Film released in 1995.

Charlie (I) Picerni in The Waltons TV Series released in 1971.

Pasquel Rouse in Kill the Dog Film released in 2006.

Richard Lee Rutherford in Beyond the Rising Moon Film released in 1987.

Shant (II) Sarkissian in All Saints TV Series released in 1998.

Phil (I) Scott in Bulldog Drummond's Third Round Film released in 1925.

Darren Shahlavi in Red Widow TV Series released in 2013.

Alex (I) Sharp in Peter Gunn TV Series released in 1958.

Eddie Lou (I) Simms in Gentleman Joe Palooka Film released in 1946.

Angel Sindo in Homeboy Film released in 1988.

Cortez A. Smith in Sex Ain't Love Film released in 2014.

Eddie Stacey in Minder TV Series released in 1979.

Shawn Stallworth in Spin City TV Series released in 1996.

Carl Stockdale in The Champion Film released in 1915.

Ronn Surels in My Own Worst Enemy TV Series released in 2008.

Horri Taylor in Armchair Theatre TV Series released in 1956.

J. Stewart Taylor in Perry Mason TV Series released in 1957.

Van der Haegen in Soigne ton gauche Film released in 1936.

Billy (I) West in The Personality Kid Film released in 1934.

Red West in Mission: Impossible TV Series released in 1966.

Joe (I) Wheatley in A Way Back In Film released in 2010.

Don 'The Dragon' Wilson in Say Anything... Film released in 1989.

Drew (I) Wright in Living in 8 Bits TV Series released in 2010.

Robert Benitah in � la folie Film released in 1994.

Federico Berte in Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses Video released in 2014.

Big Yank in Rocky III Film released in 1982.

Raymond H. Blong in Living in 8 Bits TV Series released in 2010.

Harry Bogarth in Bulldog Drummond Film released in 1922.

Brian (I) Burkhardt in N.B.T. Film released in 2003.

James J. Casino in Trouble Preferred Film released in 1948.

Monty Cox in Ragin' Cajun Film released in 1991.

Gabe Cronnelly in The Detectives TV Series released in 1993.

Lu�s Olho de Gato in Cidade Baixa Film released in 2005.

Buster Drayton in Homeboy Film released in 1988.

Joseph Figueroa in Undefeated TV Film released in 2003.

Richard (III) Fitzpatrick in Ali Film released in 2001.

Art Foster in Irish Eyes Are Smiling Film released in 1944.

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Who played Sparring Partner Which actors played the role of Sparring Partner.

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