Who played the role of Spaulding | Which actor played Spaulding

The character of Spaulding is played by Christine Cowden in Dementia: An Experiment in Terror Film released in 2006.

Durward (I) Allen in Trilogy of Terror II TV Film released in 1996.

Keith Herron in The Ascension Film released in 2011.

Cornelius Keefe in Lady with a Past Film released in 1932.

John (I) Kidwell in Safety Patrol TV Film released in 1998.

David Kroll in For Serious Film released in 2014.

Pierre (II) Lenoir in An American Affair Film released in 1997.

Jack (I) Bannon in Father Dowling Mysteries TV Series released in 1989.

Steve (II) Pearson in Doctor Who: Lost in the Dark Dimension TV Series released in 2014.

Leo Penn in Matlock TV Series released in 1986.

Addison Richards in The Joey Bishop Show TV Series released in 1961.

Jackie Searl in Bronco TV Series released in 1958.

Wallace Shawn in Sun Gods TV Film released in 2002.

Young Sir in Twixter Film released in 2009.

Marcus (II) Smith in The Desperate Miles TV Film released in 1975.

Bert Thorn in Man Against Crime TV Series released in 1949.

Arthur Van Sickle in The Lady from Longacre Film released in 1921.

Wolfgang (I) Weiser in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1967.

Michael Boatman in Running on Empty Film released in 1988.

Ernest Cossart in Carnival Queen Film released in 1937.

Matt (I) Felker in The Real St. Nick TV Film released in 2012.

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Who played Spaulding Which actors played the role of Spaulding.

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