Who played the role of Stanton | Which actor played Stanton

The character of Stanton is played by Kathryn Maye-David in Lol TV Series released in 2008.

Yvonne Suhor in Sheena TV Series released in 2000.

Victoria (III) Grove in The Walk Film released in 2013.

Robert (V) Anderson in Wagon Train TV Series released in 1957.

Peter (I) Gawthorne in East Meets West Film released in 1936.

Raymond Greenleaf in Waterfront TV Series released in 1954.

Tim (I) Halligan in Crime Story TV Series released in 1986.

Robert (I) Hardy in It Happened Like This TV Series released in 1962.

Matthew (III) Harrison in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Thomas Browne Henry in Space Patrol TV Series released in 1950.

Harry Hickox in The Gray Ghost TV Series released in 1957.

Dian Hristov in The Shepherd Video released in 2008.

Andy Hubbell in Opie Gone Mad Film released in 1999.

Charles (I) Hutchison in Ten After Ten Film released in 1924.

Jack (I) Ingram in Terry and the Pirates Film released in 1940.

Steve (I) Jacobs in Mission: Impossible TV Series released in 1988.

Colin Jeavons in The Avengers TV Series released in 1961.

Russell (I) Johnson in Laramie TV Series released in 1959.

John Frederick Jones in Board and Care Film released in 1980.

Morgan (II) Jones in Gemini Man TV Series released in 1976.

Preston (IV) Jones in Mind of Its Own Film released in 2010.

Jamie Kaler in Renegade TV Series released in 1992.

Walter Kingsford in Bulldog Drummond Escapes Film released in 1937.

James LaFre in Stanton's Last Fling Film released in 1914.

Ted Larkin in Painting in the Rain Film released in 2009.

Ted Larkin in Painting in the Rain Film released in 2011.

Noel le Bon in Lash of the Scorpion Video released in 2003.

Jake Leed in Jungle Girl Film released in 1984.

Eb Lottimer in Bloodfist VII: Manhunt Video released in 1995.

Peter (I) Madden in Public Eye TV Series released in 1965.

John (I) Malcolm in Dixon of Dock Green TV Series released in 1955.

Lincoln Mark in 5 Shells Film released in 2012.

James (I) Maxwell in The Champions TV Series released in 1968.

Konrad Mayerhoff in Der heimliche Teilhaber TV Film released in 1965.

Graham (I) McPherson in Secret Service TV Series released in 1992.

Joshua Mikel in Hindsight TV Series released in 2015.

Norman (I) Mitchell in The Revenue Men TV Series released in 1967.

Jovin Montanaro in The Hidden II Film released in 1993.

Elliot Montgomery in Spy Trap TV Series released in 1972.

Alex (I) Morris in Strong Medicine TV Series released in 2000.

Brendan (I) Murray in Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill Film released in 1996.

John (I) Neely in The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth TV Film released in 2007.

George Barraud in Mystery Woman Film released in 1935.

Gregg Barton in Man with the Steel Whip Film released in 1954.

Joe (I) Bassett in Border River Film released in 1954.

Alex (I) Nicolaou in The Etruscan Mask Video released in 2007.

Robert (II) Nolan in For Her Friend Film released in 1915.

Gavan O'Herlihy in A Rumor of War TV Film released in 1980.

Tom (I) Oliver in Silent Number TV Series released in 1974.

Tom (V) Payne in The Task Film released in 2011.

Luis (I) Pe�a in Estudio 1 TV Series released in 1965.

Eyal Podell in Without a Trace TV Series released in 2002.

David Prachar in Falesn� obvinen� TV Film released in 2004.

J.C. Quinn in Booker TV Series released in 1989.

Richard (I) Reeves in Waterfront TV Series released in 1954.

Grady Lee Richmond in 2084 Film released in 2009.

Stanton Ronsonette in The Cursed Film released in 2015.

Elvin John Rosa Jr. in Home Run Film released in 2013.

Alan Rothwell in Shameless TV Series released in 2004.

Lou Ruggiero in Not Like It Used to Be Film released in 2009.

Ivor Salter in Thorndyke TV Series released in 1964.

Michael (V) Shannon in New Port South Film released in 2001.

William Morgan Sheppard in Smuggler TV Series released in 1981.

Mark (I) Sloan in Grave Tales Film released in 2011.

Justin (VII) Smith in Man Down Film released in 2015.

Malcom Smith in Dirty Backs TV Series released in 2010.

T. Ryder Smith in White Collar TV Series released in 2009.

Michael (VII) Stanley in Dockweiler Film released in 2008.

Clifford Stanton in Down Among the Z Men Film released in 1952.

Glenn (I) Strange in Billy the Kid Trapped Film released in 1942.

Jack Thibeau in Blood Feud TV Film released in 1983.

Michael Patrick Thornton in The Jamz TV Series released in 2015.

Frederick (I) Treves in The Main Chance TV Series released in 1969.

Rick Vallin in The Roy Rogers Show TV Series released in 1951.

John Van Eyssen in Charlesworth TV Series released in 1959.

Emmett Vogan in The Lady from Cheyenne Film released in 1941.

Eric Voge in Den tredje v�gen Film released in 2003.

Jim (III) Wade in I Led 3 Lives TV Series released in 1953.

Jason (III) Wagner in Red Winter Film released in 2013.

Niles Welch in Our Wives Film released in 1913.

Rudolf Wessely in Ketten TV Film released in 1976.

Don (I) Wilson in Harrigan and Son TV Series released in 1960.

Harry (I) Woods in Silver Comes Through Film released in 1927.

Cliff Bemis in The Huntress TV Series released in 2000.

Claudio Biava in Un posto all'inferno Film released in 1969.

Sidney Bracey in The Lion and the Lamb Film released in 1931.

Scott (I) Brady in Journey to the Center of Time Film released in 1967.

Dwayne (I) Brown in College Pranks Film released in 2015.

Ian (IV) Brown in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show TV Series released in 1997.

Sandy (I) Bull in Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story TV Film released in 1991.

Lowell Byers in Wake-Up in New York Film released in 2013.

Tim (I) Cahill in Forbidden Fruit Video released in 1989.

John Sterling Carter in I Will Haunt Your Grave Film released in 2012.

John Sterling Carter in Jennifer Film released in 2007.

Lane Chandler in State Trooper TV Series released in 1956.

Carl Ciarfalio in National Security Film released in 2003.

David Collings in Omnibus TV Series released in 1967.

Kevin (I) Corrigan in Today's Special Film released in 2009.

Richard (I) Cramer in Santa Fe Bound Film released in 1936.

Matthew Currie Holmes in The Colt TV Film released in 2005.

Donald Curtis in Stampede Film released in 1949.

John Dehner in Texas Dynamo Film released in 1950.

Vernon Dent in Rockin' in the Rockies Film released in 1945.

Crahan Denton in Navy Log TV Series released in 1955.

Charles Dungan in Behind the Mask Film released in 1917.

Douglas M. Eames in Doctor Mabuse: Etiopomar Film released in 2014.

Richard Eastham in Bonanza TV Series released in 1959.

Daniel Fathers in Plague City: SARS in Toronto TV Film released in 2005.

David Fleeshman in Capstick's Law TV Series released in 1989.

Leon Ford in $9.99 Film released in 2008.

Joseph (I) Forte in Dick Tracy's G-Men Film released in 1939.

Tim Foxley in These Are Your Creams Film released in 2003.

Gianni Franco in La voglia di vincere TV Series released in 1987.

Ron (II) Frazier in Heaven & Hell: North & South, Book III TV Series released in 1994.

Milton Frome in The Wayward Bus Film released in 1957.

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