Who played the role of Stephane | Which actor played Stephane

The character of Stephane is played by Allie Carloni in A Preston Stanley Film Film released in 2014.

Rocco Giusti in Le idee di Berenice Film released in 2012.

Fr�d�ric Gorny in Action commerciale Film released in 2011.

Arthur Harel in American Translation Film released in 2011.

Frank Hochuli in Funny Boy Film released in 1987.

Inigo Jackson in Man in a Suitcase TV Series released in 1967.

Mikael Jerusalmy in Alisson in Wonderland Film released in 2015.

Damien Jouillerot in Temps Mort TV Series released in 2008.

Patrice Juiff in Pa-ra-da Film released in 2008.

Gil Lagard�re in Orgie extra conjugale Video released in 1982.

Karl E. Landler in Not Close Enough Film released in 2013.

Josh (I) Lucas in The Dancer Film released in 2000.

L�o (I) Maillard in Les petites fugues Film released in 1979.

Frederic Marsanne in Le French Film Film released in 2005.

Simon G. Mueller in Sex, Love & Salsa Film released in 2014.

Stephane Olivier in Turn Into Earth Film released in 2012.

Christophe Pichon in Un coeur qui bat Film released in 1991.

Jean-Marie Rollin in S.O.S. 18 TV Series released in 2002.

St�phane (I) Bonnet in Le 7eme mensonge Film released in 2003.

Jason Cavalier in Urban Angel TV Series released in 1991.

Lucas Chartier-Dessert in A Late Thaw Film released in 2014.

Jean-Philippe Chatrier in The Hitchhiker TV Series released in 1983.

Georges Claisse in L'ours et la poup�e Film released in 1970.

Xavier Clion in Yabanci Film released in 2012.

Douvi Cohen in American Samurai Film released in 1992.

Ben (I) Cross in La bottega dell'orefice Film released in 1989.

Fr�d�ric Da in A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries Film released in 1998.

Christian Dob in Inspecteur M�deuze TV Series released in 1993.

Rick Elmosnino in R.I.S. Police scientifique TV Series released in 2006.

Michel Feller in L'enfant de l'hiver Film released in 1989.

Marc Forget in Midnight Club II Film released in 2003.

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Who played Stephane Which actors played the role of Stephane.

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