Who played the role of TV Anchorman | Which actor played TV Anchorman

The character of TV Anchorman is played by Ivan (I) Allen in Border Line TV Film released in 1999.

Cyrille Andrieu-Lacu in Braintwister Film released in 2011.

Thomas Gaitsch in Baby on Board Film released in 2009.

Robert Gossett in Batman Returns Film released in 1992.

Marrett Green in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

John (I) Hambrick in Making Mr. Right Film released in 1987.

Keith Hetherington in The Amazing Colossal Man Film released in 1957.

Philip Ives in My Friend, Oscar. Film released in 2010.

Rex Kendall in F.T.W. Film released in 1994.

Harvey Kirck in From the Hip Film released in 1987.

Christopher (I) Knight in The Doom Generation Film released in 1995.

Bill Lake in Street Legal TV Series released in 1987.

Chris (IV) Lane in Favorite Son TV Series released in 1988.

Stuart Littlemore in The Dismissal TV Series released in 1983.

Nick Lorentz in Hateman Film released in 1987.

Marc Marosi in Monk TV Series released in 2002.

John H. Mayer in Saturday the 14th Strikes Back Film released in 1988.

Ben McCain in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV Series released in 1993.

Kevin McCorkle in Radio Free Albemuth Film released in 2010.

Larry (I) McCormick in Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Series released in 1985.

Myron Natwick in Head Office Film released in 1985.

L�szl� Barn�k in Coming out Film released in 2013.

Patrick (I) O'Hagan in AmericanEast Film released in 2008.

Warren Olney in The Fisher King Film released in 1991.

Jack (III) Owen in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV Series released in 1993.

P�ter Pachmann in Overnight Film released in 2007.

Tony (I) Parsons in The Pledge Film released in 2001.

Mark Pawson in 14 Hours TV Film released in 2005.

Wayne (I) Powers in Laverne & Shirley TV Series released in 1976.

Dibble Rafelson in Poodle Springs TV Film released in 1998.

Lenny Ravitz in Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol Film released in 2000.

Gary Rebstock in The Monster Squad Film released in 1987.

Dennis Richmond in Burglar Film released in 1987.

Dennis (I) Robertson in Too Close for Comfort TV Series released in 1980.

Sam (I) Rubin in Relative Strangers Film released in 2006.

Nick (II) Sanford in Out of the Night Film released in 2009.

Richard D. Sharp in The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story TV Film released in 1990.

Jon (I) Snow in Coriolanus Film released in 2011.

Richard Stahl in Terminal Island Film released in 1973.

Perry Stephens in Family Matters TV Series released in 1989.

Neaz Subhan in Till I Find a Place Film released in 2010.

Danny (II) Sullivan in Telling Secrets TV Film released in 1993.

Ernie (I) Tetrault in Sneakers Film released in 1992.

Stephen Tubbs in Junior Pilot Video released in 2005.

Phillip Edward Van Lear in Night of the Lawyers Film released in 1997.

Glen (II) Walker in Boston Legal TV Series released in 2004.

Joe (I) Washington in Gordy Film released in 1995.

Eric (I) Webster in A Descent of Woodpeckers Film released in 2004.

Josh Wolfe in Receiver Film released in 2005.

Tom (I) Berry in Psychic Film released in 1991.

Tom (I) Berry in Scanners II: The New Order Video released in 1991.

Tom (I) Berry in Twin Sisters Video released in 1992.

William Bogert in Dog Day Afternoon Film released in 1975.

Douglas (I) Bristow in Cyborg Cop III Film released in 1995.

Mike (II) Bruce in Half-Life Film released in 2008.

Adolph Caesar in Fist of Fear, Touch of Death Film released in 1980.

Guy Capo in Traderz Video released in 2008.

Bogdan Chrabota in Trick Film released in 2010.

Tony (I) Clay in Dinosaur Valley Girls Film released in 1996.

Regis Cordic in Washington: Behind Closed Doors TV Series released in 1977.

Wayne (I) Cox in Dead Wrong Film released in 1983.

Wayne (I) Cox in Sworn to Silence TV Film released in 1987.

Don (II) Craig in Solar Crisis Film released in 1990.

Ladislas De Hoyos in H�tel Terminus Film released in 1988.

Bill Deiz in Born Again Film released in 1978.

Tony Devon in Please Don't Burn My Beaver Film released in 2001.

Jerry Di Giacomo in Touch and Die TV Film released in 1992.

Helmut Dirkenschneider in Sakura Ts�shin TV Series released in 1997.

Mike Dirnt in Live Freaky Die Freaky Film released in 2006.

John Ducey in Danika Film released in 2006.

Jerry Dunphy in Impulse Film released in 1990.

Mel Fair in Keeper of the Past Film released in 2005.

Joe (I) Farago in The Terminator Film released in 1984.

Ted Friend in Good Boy! Film released in 2003.

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