Who played the role of TV Evangelist | Which actor played TV Evangelist

The character of TV Evangelist is played by Vy Tran in Reflections in the Mud Film released in 2009.

Brian (II) Houston in Candy Film released in 2006.

Jerry Kaminski in Hot Under the Collar Film released in 1992.

Timothy Leary in Shocker Film released in 1989.

Randal Malone in Darkworld Film released in 2006.

Tertius Meintjes in To the Death Film released in 1992.

Malik Middleton in Redrum Film released in 2007.

Paul E. Mills in Ruby in Paradise Film released in 1993.

Justin Monjo in The Cooks TV Series released in 2004.

King Moody in Thirtysomething TV Series released in 1987.

Kurtis Bedford in Saugatuck Cures Film released in 2015.

Holmes Osborne in Murder Ordained TV Film released in 1987.

Bill Pacer in Black Men Can Swim Film released in 2008.

Tim (I) Powell in Misconceptions Film released in 2008.

Jim (I) Roche in The Silence of the Lambs Film released in 1991.

M. Scott Taulman in Newton's Disease Film released in 2006.

Mark L. Taylor in Born in East L.A. Film released in 1987.

Nick Vujicic in The Lost Sheep Film released in 2011.

James (XI) Wright in The Steve and Kathy Show TV Series released in 2006.

Christopher Wynkoop in Crooklyn Film released in 1994.

Frank Blanch in Replikator Film released in 1994.

Ivan Bonar in Space TV Series released in 1985.

Dennis Coard in The Jammed Film released in 2007.

Pablo Coffey in Shattered Image Film released in 1998.

King Cotton in Megaville Film released in 1990.

Brent Fidler in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

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Who played TV Evangelist Which actors played the role of TV Evangelist.

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