Who played the role of The Baroness | Which actor played The Baroness

The character of The Baroness is played by Tracey (I) Adams in The Baroness Video released in 1987.

Helen Ancis in Netherland Film released in 2000.

Lola Kelly in Kidnapped! Film released in 2009.

Isabel La Mal in Ship Cafe Film released in 1935.

Ursina Lardi in Das wei�e Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte Film released in 2009.

Julie Meijer in The Vandal Outlaws Film released in 1912.

Devon (I) Ogden in Bucovina Card Game Film released in 2009.

Eleanor (I) Parker in The Sound of Music Film released in 1965.

Lidia Prochnicka in The Group Film released in 1966.

Lidia Prochnicka in The Group Film released in 1966.

Oriel Ross in The Loves of Ariane Film released in 1931.

Sylvia Rotter in To Catch a King TV Film released in 1984.

Kathryn Leigh Scott in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series released in 2013.

Judi Shindler in A Grave Promise Film released in 2012.

Jessica (I) Spencer in Lillie TV Series released in 1978.

Thelma Todd in Son of a Sailor Film released in 1933.

Margareta Bergfeldt in F�rsta varningen TV Film released in 1967.

Anita Bj�rk in Bandet TV Film released in 1964.

Rileah Vanderbilt in G33K & G4M3R Girls Film released in 2010.

Brita �berg in Topaze TV Film released in 1963.

Lenora Claire in Noirland Film released in 2015.

Patricia Clarkson in The Baroness and the Pig Film released in 2002.

Liana Del Balzo in Il moralista Film released in 1959.

Joan Devlon in Desires Within Young Girls Film released in 1977.

Hannah (I) Fierman in Order of the Quest Film released in 2008.

Margarete Haagen in Griff nach den Sternen Film released in 1955.

Benedikte Hansen in The Lady Vanishes TV Film released in 2013.

Precious Hilton in Violent Blue Film released in 2011.

Shelby (I) Hofer in Psychopathia Sexualis Film released in 2006.

Gladys Holland in TV Reader's Digest TV Series released in 1955.

Eulalie Jensen in The Vanishing Vault Film released in 1915.

Irja Jensen in Robert Montgomery Presents TV Series released in 1950.

Janice (II) Johnson in The Lois Syndrome Video released in 1997.

R�my (I) Girard in Lilies - Les feluettes Film released in 1996.

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Who played The Baroness Which actors played the role of The Baroness.

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