Who played the role of The Dragon | Which actor played The Dragon

The character of The Dragon is played by Mrs. R. Podevin in Bookworms Film released in 1920.

La Na Shi in Balls of Fury Film released in 2007.

Terry Menefee Gau in The Team TV Series released in 2008.

Marlo Greene in Trick or Treat Film released in 2012.

Dawna Lee Heising in Awesome Girl Gang Street Fighter Film released in 2013.

Ademide Akintilo in My Favorite Planet Film released in 2011.

Ben Guaraldi in What's the 48? Film released in 2011.

Dustin Hoffman in A Christmas Masque TV Film released in 1966.

John Hurt in Merlin TV Series released in 2008.

John Hurt in Merlin TV Series released in 2008.

I. Stanford Jolley in Black Dragons Film released in 1942.

Jamie (I) Jones in Friday the 13th TV Series released in 1987.

Alan (V) Judd in The Reluctant Dragon TV Film released in 1950.

Jason (I) Kim in The Det. Kent Stryker One-Man Film Film released in 2001.

Tae Min Kim in Way of the Warrior Film released in 1994.

David Kolesa in Fire Fighter Fitness Video released in 0.

Raw Leiba in Red Right Wrong Film released in 2009.

David (III) Liu in Way of the Warrior Film released in 1994.

Tzi Ma in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 2011.

Sean (XI) Manning in The Tiger Film released in 2011.

Anthony Mengetti in Leather Intrusion Case 1: The Flaming Dragon Video released in 1997.

Barry (I) Morse in The Birthday Dragon TV Film released in 1992.

Barry (I) Morse in The Railway Dragon TV Film released in 1989.

David Astone in Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce Film released in 2014.

Courtney Beccerio in Dora the Explorer TV Series released in 2000.

Joel Rieck in Atascadero Film released in 2007.

Johnny Cley Rivers in Naked Dragon Film released in 2014.

Alan Sues in The Reluctant Dragon Film released in 1981.

Larry (I) Taylor in The Girl Hunters Film released in 1963.

Dave (III) Willis in Space Ghost Coast to Coast TV Series released in 1994.

Oleg Yankovskiy in Ubit drakona Film released in 1989.

Joe Blaize in Chris and His Wonderful Lamp Film released in 1917.

Hubert Fielden in Beowulf: The Game Film released in 2007.

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Who played The Dragon Which actors played the role of The Dragon.

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