Who played the role of The Flash | Which actor played The Flash

The character of The Flash is played by Parker (I) Allen in Teen Titans Project TV Series released in 2014.

Jack (I) Angel in Super Friends TV Series released in 1980.

Joseph Antonetti in The One Last Time Film released in 2009.

Grant Gustin in Superhero Fight Club TV Film released in 2015.

Rod Haase in Legends of the Superheroes TV Series released in 1979.

Alex Howell in Just Film released in 2013.

Mark (V) Kelly in Behind the Mask Film released in 2003.

Matthew Lamar in A Day in the Life of a SuperHero: Part I Film released in 2014.

Aaron Longstreth in Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face Film released in 2006.

Aaron Longstreth in The Greatest Fan Film of All Time Film released in 2008.

Allan Mesquita in O Magnata Film released in 2007.

Ezra Miller in The Flash Film released in 2018.

Tanaka Nhongo in In the Clear Film released in 2012.

Rob Atchinson in Funsplosion TV Series released in 2015.

Jonathan Azevedo in Tal Filho, Tal Pai TV Film released in 2010.

BadtotheBow in The Go!Animate Movie Film released in 2015.

Greg Baglia in DC Universe Online Film released in 2011.

Ray (I) Owens in Aquaman TV Series released in 1968.

Ray (I) Owens in The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure TV Series released in 1967.

Michael (I) Rosenbaum in Infinite Crisis Film released in 2015.

Michael (I) Rosenbaum in Justice League: Doom Video released in 2012.

Morgan Roy in Beyond the Search TV Series released in 2011.

Justin Schaack in A Mission from Jesus Film released in 2009.

Charlie Schlatter in Superman TV Series released in 1996.

Charlie Schlatter in The Batman TV Series released in 2004.

Joe (I) Spina in G33K & G4M3R Girls Film released in 2010.

Joe (I) Spina in Team Unicorn TV Series released in 2010.

Eddie Sturgis in Man and Woman Film released in 1920.

James Arnold Taylor in Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered TV Film released in 2014.

Alan Tudyk in Batman: The Brave and the Bold TV Series released in 2008.

Bruce Von Wert in Sketch Juice TV Series released in 2014.

Marc Wasserman in The Flash TV Series released in 2015.

Justin (XVIII) Wilson in JLA: Justice League Auditions Film released in 2011.

Dave (II) Child in The Screen Junkies Show TV Series released in 2011.

Charles Dewandeler in Fresh Faces of Comedy TV Film released in 2007.

Julian DeZotti in Man of Steel Song Film released in 2013.

Dustin Fletcher in Kingdom Come Video released in 2013.

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Who played The Flash Which actors played the role of The Flash.

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