Who played the role of The John | Which actor played The John

The character of The John is played by Anthony Gerace in Dick&Jane Film released in 2007.

Michael (VI) Gilbert in Objects Attack! Film released in 2013.

Maurice Graves in Maya's Soul Video released in 2006.

Marque Gritta in Midnight Caller TV Series released in 1988.

Tony (I) Hale in The Heat Film released in 2013.

Jay Hargrove in Enemy Territory Film released in 1987.

Cory (I) Hart in Macabre Theatre TV Series released in 2002.

Brian (II) Herring in The Bloody Bones Video released in 2014.

Thomas (I) Hunter in The Act Film released in 1984.

Peter Jason in Angel Film released in 1984.

William Randall Kennedy in The Goon and the Gamma Scout Film released in 2010.

Rick (III) Kincaid in Murello y Murillo Film released in 0.

Jeremy Koerner in Dead End 2 Film released in 2015.

John (V) Lamont in Malory & Nicole Film released in 2014.

Peter (I) Langley in The Defectors TV Film released in 2001.

Kirk Laughead in Interminal Film released in 2006.

Kurt Lockwood in GrubGirl Video released in 2006.

Chris Macone in Drop Me Off Film released in 2010.

Marc Dante Mancini in Infected Film released in 2012.

Darrell Martinelli in Decoy Film released in 2008.

David Mikalson in Donut Holes TV Series released in 2012.

Chris Morissey in Release Film released in 2013.

James Morosini in Sweet Child of Mine Film released in 2011.

Larry Moskowitz in Run Till You Fall TV Film released in 1988.

Bob Mundy in Passions TV Series released in 1999.

Colin (V) Murphy in Not Your Average Prostitot Video released in 2007.

Rusty (II) Nails in Forbidden Passions Video released in 2006.

Roger Nehls in Greased to Kill Film released in 1998.

Roger Nehls in Until Morning Film released in 2002.

Dj Baker in Drama Queenz Film released in 2012.

Neil (II) Barnett in City of the Damned Film released in 2010.

Mario Barrientos in Deadland Dreaming Film released in 2008.

Scott Bate in Criminal Activities Film released in 2015.

Michael (II) Bee in The Good One Film released in 2011.

Raymond O'Keefe in The Blue Knight TV Series released in 1975.

John Paliferro in Within the Space of the Soap Bubbles Film released in 2007.

John Pallotta in Jane Ho: Love for Sale Film released in 2013.

Jon (I) Peck in Beautiful Woman Video released in 2012.

Tomislav Pejic in Freedom Week Video Film released in 2011.

Doug (I) Phillips in Lucky Day Video released in 2007.

Antonio (III) Pineda in Monks & Mamasans Film released in 2015.

Al Reidel in Satan Was a Lady Film released in 2001.

Vito Rezza in Side Effects TV Series released in 1994.

John (II) Robin in Four More Than Money Film released in 1971.

Todd A. Robinson in Tarts, Fools and the G-Men Film released in 2009.

Bruce Marshall Romans in Mindbenders Film released in 2004.

Timothy Roselle in A Priori Film released in 2010.

Bryan Royston in Burn the Money Film released in 2014.

Ty Rushing in Miles from Home Film released in 2006.

Peter (I) Savage in Taxi Driver Film released in 1976.

Robert (I) Schimmel in A Low Down Dirty Shame Film released in 1994.

Charles Schoenherr in The Big Date Film released in 2009.

John Seeman in Diary of a Young Erotic Writer Film released in 1977.

Timothy Day (I) Slisky in Girl on the Ledge Film released in 2015.

Jonathan Soldwisch in 3Way TV Series released in 2008.

Jon Spinogatti in Hollywood Vice TV Film released in 2005.

Randy (I) Stift in $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story Film released in 2014.

Michael Stoolpigeon in Buggery Film released in 2010.

Mark William Strong in Violet Violence Film released in 2011.

Rick Tutor in Immaculate Perception Film released in 1994.

Michael (II) Weaver in The Slammin' Salmon Film released in 2009.

Wyatt (I) Weber in Stiletto Film released in 2012.

Tony (IV) Wilcox in Officer Film released in 2013.

Matthew Wilks in Faith Film released in 2014.

Christopher Wynkoop in He Got Game Film released in 1998.

Bill (IV) Bingham in None of Them Will Collect My Soul Film released in 2013.

Matt Bissett-Johnson in Heartbreak Motel Film released in 2008.

Theodore (I) Bouloukos in Pretty Boy Film released in 2010.

T.T. Boy in Asian Street Hookers 29 Video released in 2002.

T.T. Boy in Asian Street Hookers 3 Video released in 1999.

T.T. Boy in Juicebox Video released in 1990.

Gary (IV) Brandt in Blue Revelation Film released in 2008.

Caleb (I) Brown in The Day Laborer Film released in 2009.

John Paul Burgess in Una noche Film released in 2012.

P.J. Byrne in Haunted TV Series released in 2002.

Jake (II) Cannon in Cheese Film released in 2011.

Richard Cansino in Dandelions Film released in 2006.

John E. Carson in Finding a Mack Daddy Video released in 2015.

Anthony Caselli in Super Sucker Film released in 2002.

Jim Chlopecki in Making Change Film released in 2012.

Allan Clow in Spenser: Ceremony TV Film released in 1993.

Rick Cordeiro in Clutch TV Series released in 2011.

Eric Coucke in Clutch TV Series released in 2011.

Richard M. Davidson in Broadway Damage Film released in 1997.

Ross (II) Diaz in Westminster Wife Show Video released in 2009.

Dan (IV) Ellis in Hanger Video released in 2009.

Nate Esformes in Vice Squad Film released in 1982.

Triston Fanfair in Been a While Film released in 2010.

Tom (I) Fitzpatrick in Your Name Here Film released in 2008.

David Fralick in Revolution TV Series released in 2012.

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Who played The John Which actors played the role of The John.

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