Who played the role of The Shadow | Which actor played The Shadow

The character of The Shadow is played by Oreke Mosheshe in Lights2: Return of the Shadow Film released in 2006.

Saara (I) Salmi in The Shadow Seamstress Film released in 2015.

Shannon (II) Day in South of Heaven Film released in 0.

Laura (I) Dean in Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? TV Series released in 1991.

Mio Domani in Scratch Harry Film released in 1969.

Jean Dumont in Stranger Than Fiction Film released in 1921.

Golbon Eghtedari in American Sniper Film released in 2014.

Mazin Akar in Jimmy Swan Film released in 2015.

Miles (I) Anthony in Brum TV Series released in 1991.

Philip (III) Anthony in Intrigue TV Series released in 1966.

Cary Greenberg in Horror High Video released in 2005.

Dylan Hannah in Things that Lurk in the Dark Film released in 2015.

David (I) Hatton in Hope and Keen's Crazy House TV Series released in 1970.

Richard Herkert in Simon & Simon TV Series released in 1981.

Masayoshi (II) Ishii in Not Yet Film released in 2013.

Tauqeer Alam Khan in Sunrise Film released in 2014.

Kyle Kinane in The Life & Times of Tim TV Series released in 2008.

Chris Kohlenberg in The Transient Film released in 2011.

Landon Laub in Mayhem Film released in 2012.

Scott (II) Loska in Seizures Film released in 2012.

William (II) Lowry in The Spy Film released in 1917.

Michael Lugenbuehl in Zyzzyx Rd Film released in 2006.

Andy (I) MacLennan in The Blackbird Film released in 1926.

Duncan JC Mais in Snow White and the Huntsman Film released in 2012.

Erich Manos in Cruelty Film released in 2014.

Marilyn Manson in Once Upon a Time: Wicked Is Coming TV Film released in 2014.

Marilyn Manson in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 2011.

Shawn T. McGrath in Say Goodbye Film released in 2014.

Jack McHugh in Chinatown Nights Film released in 1929.

Orlando Ashley in Overshadowed Film released in 1997.

Gr�goire Aslan in Tiffany memorandum Film released in 1967.

Rex 'Snowy' Baker in The Shadow of Lightning Ridge Film released in 1921.

Mark Barth in Lost Angels Film released in 0.

Mark Barth in Lost Angels United Film released in 2016.

William Orlamond in Vanishing Trails Film released in 1920.

George Orrison in Unforgiven Film released in 1992.

Eddie Osei in Balloon Film released in 1991.

Robert (XX) Phillips in Scaremonger Film released in 2014.

Jens Pilegaard in Dionysus Lost Film released in 2000.

M�ximo P�rez Rivas in Un viaje a Estrident�polis Film released in 2013.

Guy (I) Raymond in Disneyland TV Series released in 1954.

Frank Readick in A Burglar to the Rescue Film released in 1931.

Frank Readick in House of Mystery Film released in 1931.

Frank Readick in Sealed Lips Film released in 1931.

Frank Readick in The Circus Show-Up Film released in 1932.

Frank Readick in The Red Shadow Film released in 1932.

Frank Readick in Trapped Film released in 1931.

Evan Salce in In Your Father's Shadow Film released in 2014.

Matt Shimkus in The Gamers: Hands of Fate Film released in 2013.

Evan Shimono in The Gamers Video released in 2002.

Daryush Shokof in Asudem Film released in 2007.

Ari Sorrentino in Unwelcome Film released in 2004.

William (I) Squire in A Matter of Time Video released in 2007.

William (I) Squire in Defining Shadows Video released in 2007.

William (I) Squire in Doctor Who TV Series released in 1963.

Michael Thyer in Sub Conscious Video released in 2003.

Lefteris Tsoulos in The Conspiracy Against the Individual That Happens to Be Me Film released in 2013.

Marnix Van Den Broeke in Inkheart Film released in 2008.

Martin (VI) Walker in Bitten Film released in 2008.

Eddie Wilde in The Dragon Gate Film released in 1994.

Vince (II) Williams in Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible TV Series released in 2001.

Sunburnt Jim Wilson in Call of the Circus Film released in 1930.

Jadin Witherspoon in Submerge: The Chronicles of Ni're Film released in 2014.

Gopal Bidari in The Suneater Film released in 2014.

Jerome Bredt in Escape from the Planet of the Tapes TV Film released in 2003.

Van Dyke Brooke in The Moonshine Trail Film released in 1919.

Bruce (VI) in The Drift Video released in 1989.

Travis (I) Cabral in Shadow in the Trees Film released in 2007.

Joe Calavita in S.I.N. Film released in 2013.

Vincent Caristi in Miami Vice TV Series released in 1984.

Frank A. Caruso in No Angel Film released in 1992.

Elliot Christensen-Yule in Path of Exile Film released in 2012.

Marc Coats in Thorazine Video released in 2006.

Mike (I) DiGiacinto in Lucky Man Film released in 2006.

Valentine Dyall in Whirligig TV Series released in 1950.

Ilias Florakis in The Product Manager Film released in 2012.

Max (I) Freeman in Paradise Film released in 2004.

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Who played The Shadow Which actors played the role of The Shadow.

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