Who played the role of The Swede | Which actor played The Swede

The character of The Swede is played by Allison McAtee in Hell Ride Film released in 2008.

Hanna Saouri in Scramble Film released in 2015.

Karl-Otto Alberty in Piedone d'Egitto Film released in 1980.

George George in Too Proud to Fight Film released in 1916.

Alf Goddard in Downhill Film released in 1927.

Christopher Heyerdahl in Hell on Wheels TV Series released in 2011.

Dave (III) Jenkins in Birds of LA 17 Film released in 2014.

Mattias (VI) Johansson in How to Kill My Boyfriend Film released in 2013.

Peter (I) Koch in Enlisted TV Series released in 2014.

Vladimir Kulich in Smokin' Aces Film released in 2006.

Jack Lawton in The Trail of Hate Film released in 1917.

Johan Liedgren in Kravenhoof Film released in 2010.

Ivan Linow in Tillie and Gus Film released in 1933.

William (II) MacDonald in Call of the Wild TV Series released in 2000.

John (I) Ng in Butch Patterson: Private Dick TV Series released in 1999.

Matti Nuude in Piekna nieznajoma Film released in 1993.

William Orlamond in The Eagle's Feather Film released in 1923.

Per Oscarsson in Das blaue Hotel TV Film released in 1973.

Alejandro Rose-Garcia in Friday Night Lights TV Series released in 2006.

Ernest Spencer in The Girl from Outside Film released in 1919.

Georgi Staykov in The Berlin Conspiracy Film released in 1992.

Slim Summerville in Her Man Film released in 1930.

Clif 'Chick' Taylor in Number 13 Film released in 1997.

Carina Westling in The Swede Film released in 2014.

Per Bristow in The Blue Hotel Film released in 1997.

Cal Broeker in Tom Stone TV Series released in 2002.

Sergio Ciani in Un colpo da re Film released in 1967.

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Who played The Swede Which actors played the role of The Swede.

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