Who played the role of Tyrell | Which actor played Tyrell

The character of Tyrell is played by Tyler Acker in Love Ain't Suppose to Hurt Video released in 2006.

Trestin George in Olde E Film released in 2016.

Lealon Gordon in Campus Daze Film released in 2008.

Anthony (XI) Grant in Lost Girl TV Series released in 2010.

Chaz Grundy in Tokeasy Film released in 2012.

Ross Hagen in Marked for Murder Video released in 1989.

Siweh A. Harris III in Legalization Film released in 2006.

Riley James Hinds-Colley in Blackbird Film released in 2012.

Willie (I) Hines in Strapped TV Film released in 1993.

Chris (VI) Hopkins in Hoop Soldiers Video released in 2001.

Eldridge Hyndman in Ham & Cheese Film released in 2004.

Ethen Lane in The Magnificent Cooly-T Film released in 2009.

LeJon in At Your Convenience TV Film released in 2012.

Ira Lewis in Looking for Richard Film released in 1996.

Oliver Maguire in Double Carpet Film released in 1999.

William (IV) Mason in Drawn by Pain Film released in 2007.

Dupree Mayo in Inside a Change Film released in 2009.

Jermaine McClure in Inside Out Film released in 2011.

Mack Miles in The Shawshank Redemption Film released in 1994.

Warner Miller in Off the G/Neurotica Film released in 2013.

Brett (II) Newton in Web Atlas TV Series released in 2015.

Reginald Ballard in True Colors TV Series released in 1990.

Michael (I) Beach in Another Round TV Film released in 1992.

Kevan Ohtsji in Human Nature Video released in 2004.

Romeo Ortega in Southland TV Series released in 2009.

Don Parma in On the Outs Film released in 2004.

Rich (I) Paul in Fortune 500 Man Film released in 2011.

Mekhi Phifer in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Film released in 1998.

Ryan (I) Pinkston in Sketchy TV Series released in 2012.

Charles (II) Porter in The Hitman Chronicles Film released in 2006.

Stephen (I) Rea in Caleb Williams TV Series released in 1980.

Richard Roat in Police Woman TV Series released in 1974.

Alfred E. Rutherford in Ripples Film released in 2009.

Dex Elliott Sanders in Eyes TV Series released in 2005.

Legend Damion Simmons in Forgiveness Film released in 2011.

Jaylen (I) Simons in A Sunday Horse Film released in 2015.

Rico Sterling in The Wire TV Series released in 2002.

Kenan Thompson in Candy Paint Film released in 2005.

Patrick Troughton in Richard III Film released in 1955.

Tom Verica in The Big Easy TV Series released in 1996.

Chris (XII) Williams in Weeds TV Series released in 2005.

Peter Windrem in Biohazard 3: Last Escape Film released in 1999.

David (I) Bianchi in Dysfunktion Film released in 2015.

Michael (XVIII) Bishop in Chase TV Series released in 2010.

Christian Black in Devil's Paint Film released in 2013.

Tyrone Blackmon in Welcome to the South Film released in 2012.

Mell Bowser in Imaginary Friends Inc. Film released in 2015.

Christopher M. Brown in Father & Son: Dangerous Relations TV Film released in 1993.

Eugene Byrd in D.C. TV Series released in 2000.

Larry Cedar in The Midnighters Film released in 2014.

Chris Clanton in King of Baltimore Film released in 2010.

Christian Cousin in The Repo Man Film released in 2010.

Alastair Douglas in Payday Advance Film released in 2015.

Bosco Edjamboya in Adopting Trouble Film released in 2015.

Desmond Faison in Zero:Hour Film released in 2007.

Ray Fearon in Morlocks TV Film released in 2010.

Ray Fearon in Morlocks TV Film released in 2011.

Dustin Felder in Tell My Mom I Love Her TV Film released in 1993.

Jordan (I) Fuller in The Choir Director Film released in 2015.

Jordan (I) Fuller in The Preacher's Son Film released in 2015.

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Who played Tyrell Which actors played the role of Tyrell.

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