Who played the role of Uriel | Which actor played Uriel

The character of Uriel is played by Maria Makhanko in Le bassin de J.W. Film released in 1997.

Moon Bloodgood in Darksiders Film released in 2010.

Harriet Weaver in Lucifer Film released in 2015.

Dorian Wilde in Just Wing It TV Series released in 2012.

Katrine De Candole in Dominion TV Series released in 2014.

Stefanie Imhoff in Operation Midnight Climax Film released in 2002.

Sydney Adeniyi in Insurgo Film released in 2015.

Josh (I) Alexander in Goyband Film released in 2008.

Francisco Araiza in Die Sch�pfung, Oratorium TV Film released in 1990.

Richard Garza in Valeri Fox: Black Moon Film released in 2015.

Volkmar Leif Gilbert in What You Want Is Gone Forever Film released in 2015.

Antonio Grimau in Tu rebelde ternura TV Series released in 1975.

Lutz Hochstraate in Das Haus der sieben Balkone TV Film released in 1965.

Don Jeanes in Uriel Film released in 2011.

Andrew W. Johnson in Dark Ascending Film released in 0.

Kenneth (II) Kim in Covenant Film released in 2010.

J�nos K�sa in Zsiguli Film released in 2004.

Stephen (X) Lewis in In Plain Sight TV Series released in 2008.

Jose (XVI) Lopez in Quid Film released in 2010.

John Manalo in Maalaala mo kaya TV Series released in 1991.

Roberto (I) Mar�n in La rosa de Guadalupe TV Series released in 2008.

Sevan Najarian in Soul Chasers Film released in 2008.

Reese Neal in Grounded TV Series released in 2013.

Kodi Baker in 1313: Billy the Kid Video released in 2012.

Tommy Balaam in Song of King Solomon Film released in 2011.

Caleb Bastock in Angelic TV Film released in 2015.

Christopher Obi in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Film released in 2011.

Conrado Osorio in Pasi�n TV Series released in 2007.

Harry Pavlidis in Gabriel Film released in 2007.

Christoph Pregardien in Die Sch�pfung TV Film released in 1992.

Julien Ratel in Inferno d'August Strindberg Film released in 0.

Diego Reinhold in La entrega Film released in 2002.

Anthony Rolfe-Johnson in Joseph Haydn: The Creation TV Film released in 1990.

Andr�s Ru�z Sandoval in Caminemos TV Series released in 1980.

Arick Salmea in Dissembler: Facility 129 Film released in 0.

Didier Sandre in Photo Film released in 2012.

Jorge Siqueiros in La tercer orden Film released in 2007.

Abby J. Smith in To Fall and Be Free Film released in 2012.

Gabriel (VIII) Smith in The Los Box Film released in 2015.

Jimwell Stevens in Anghel dela guardia Film released in 2000.

Arthur Streiling in Damned on Earth Film released in 2014.

Morten (I) S�nderg�rd in Gabriels ord Film released in 2002.

Scott Thrift in The Wheat and the Tares Film released in 2008.

Marco Uriel in La sombra del pasado TV Series released in 2014.

Max von Thun in Engel sucht Liebe TV Film released in 2009.

Matt (VI) Ward in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Rick (I) Warden in How Henri Came to Stay Film released in 2006.

Jacob (III) Warner in Noah Film released in 2015.

Robert Wisdom in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Edi Zanidache in The Falling Film released in 2006.

Shaun (V) Brown in The Fall Film released in 2013.

Gerardo Cabal in Como dice el dicho TV Series released in 2011.

Jay Alan Christianson in Acid Rain Film released in 1998.

Ricardo Ch�vez in �Vivan los ni�os! TV Series released in 2002.

Bob Cicherillo in Demons at the Door Video released in 2004.

Jemal Draco in Part of Me Film released in 2013.

Jorge Drexler in La suerte en tus manos Film released in 2012.

Matt (XVIII) Edwards in Acid Rain Film released in 1998.

Keith (II) Ferguson in Might & Magic Heroes VI Film released in 2011.

Martin Filiberti in Hail! Film released in 2009.

Tara (IV) Fox in The Dantonian Revelation Film released in 2014.

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Who played Uriel Which actors played the role of Uriel.

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