Who played the role of Used Car Salesman | Which actor played Used Car Salesman

The character of Used Car Salesman is played by Tim (IX) Andrews in Identity Thief Film released in 2013.

Tommy Godfrey in Eddie in August TV Film released in 1970.

Bobcat Goldthwait in The Army Show TV Series released in 1998.

Jonathan (I) Harris in Vega$ TV Series released in 1978.

William T. Hayes in Toot Sweet! Film released in 1929.

Jeff Hemphill in The Guatemalan Handshake Film released in 2006.

Tim (I) Henry in Taken TV Series released in 2002.

Hugh Higgins in 5ive Film released in 2011.

Rick (I) Hurst in Executive Action Film released in 1973.

George Innes in Open All Hours TV Series released in 1976.

Jim Isaacs in One Day at a Time TV Series released in 1975.

Daniel P. (II) Jones in Fell Film released in 2014.

Jamie Kaler in Robot Chicken TV Series released in 2005.

Richard (I) Kennedy in California Split Film released in 1974.

Jack (I) Kenney in A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed Film released in 1958.

Bob Knollenberg in Nebraska Film released in 2013.

Gus Kwak in Pleasant Pastures TV Film released in 2012.

Mike (I) Lally in So You Want to Buy a Used Car Film released in 1951.

Tom (I) Lenoci in Racism Is Real Film released in 2015.

Steve Lyke in ER TV Series released in 1994.

Jeff (I) Maxwell in The Waltons TV Series released in 1971.

Mark McConchie in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Bill McCutcheon in Deadhead Miles Film released in 1973.

Todd McNeeley in Tattoo Boy Film released in 1995.

Art Metrano in Nanny and the Professor TV Series released in 1970.

John (I) Mortimore in A Single Life TV Film released in 1986.

Adam P. (I) Murphy in Saturday Morning Film released in 2007.

Titus Napoleon in Amazing Stories TV Series released in 1985.

Bernard Nedell in Hickey & Boggs Film released in 1972.

Daniel Barela in Inhale Film released in 2010.

Paul Barile in Roundabout American Film released in 2012.

Don Barrigo in Target of an Assassin Film released in 1977.

Cliff Norton in Harry and Tonto Film released in 1974.

Frank (I) O'Connor in Mr. Soft Touch Film released in 1949.

Nicholas Obileye in Trent 2 Rent Film released in 2008.

Leland Orser in Girl in the Cadillac Film released in 1995.

Anthony (I) Pepe in Stir Film released in 2006.

John F. Powers in The Brier Bitch Project Video released in 1999.

Norm Reynolds in Degrassi Junior High TV Series released in 1987.

Charles Rocket in Superman TV Series released in 1996.

Avery Saltzman in Pale Saints Film released in 1997.

Stuart Sanks in The Adventures of Se�or Toro TV Series released in 2009.

Paul (I) Scharf in The Lover Film released in 1974.

Martin (I) Seifert in Million Dollar Arm Film released in 2014.

Felix Shuman in Dreamer Film released in 1979.

Lawrence Silverstein in Freerunner Film released in 2011.

Matthew L. Sobel in Cold Case TV Series released in 2003.

Edward Solis in Identity Thief Film released in 2013.

John F. Sullivan in Follow Me Outside Film released in 2000.

William Sumper in Josie's Castle Film released in 1972.

Branislav R. Tatalovic in Tomorrow You're Gone Film released in 2012.

Joey Trabovich in My Bad Dad Film released in 2006.

Monte Vandergrift in The Wrong Way Out Film released in 1938.

Scott Vinci in High and Outside Film released in 2016.

Gregory Walcott in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Film released in 1974.

C. Clayton Blackwell in My Blueberry Nights Film released in 2007.

David (I) Born in Prison Break TV Series released in 2005.

Jeff Bredt in The Darwin Awards Film released in 2006.

Don Brodie in Detour Film released in 1945.

Big Skinny Brown in The Con TV Film released in 1998.

Joel (I) Bryant in The Hitchhiker TV Series released in 2012.

Louie Buldo in Crosscut Film released in 1996.

Mark (I) Burgess in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Film released in 2010.

Stephen Burrows in America's Funniest Home Videos TV Series released in 1989.

Jack (II) Carter in CHiPs TV Series released in 1977.

Mario Caruso in Zombie Film released in 2010.

Fred Catania in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Film released in 1957.

Sidney Chankin in Defending Your Life Film released in 1991.

Alexandre Chen in Benjamin Troubles Film released in 2014.

Nick Chinlund in Auggie Rose Film released in 2000.

Chris Andrew Ciulla in Hi-Jinks TV Series released in 2005.

Dennis Cockrum in Charmed TV Series released in 1998.

Frederick Coffin in Muggable Mary, Street Cop TV Film released in 1982.

James Anthony Cotton in Rent Film released in 2005.

Greg (I) Cox in Lies My Mother Told Me TV Film released in 2005.

Brett (I) Cullen in The Space Between Film released in 2010.

Hal K. Dawson in The Glenn Miller Story Film released in 1954.

Beach Dickerson in Welcome Home, Soldier Boys Film released in 1971.

Larry Dorf in Fun with Dick and Jane Film released in 2005.

Rob (IV) Edwards in Take Me Home Tonight Film released in 2011.

Jeffrey Essmann in Bail Jumper Film released in 1990.

Greg (I) Finley in Defending Your Life Film released in 1991.

Sheldon Fogel in Holy Man Film released in 1998.

Eddie Fontana in A Conversation with Norman Video released in 2005.

Jewell Futch in Sixteen Film released in 1973.

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Who played Used Car Salesman Which actors played the role of Used Car Salesman.

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