Who played the role of Vampire Boy | Which actor played Vampire Boy

The character of Vampire Boy is played by Pia Niederwimmer in Lilly the Witch TV Series released in 2004.

Luke (II) Miles in Emerging Past Video released in 2011.

Harry Pellow-Jarvis in Spaceship Film released in 2015.

Ryan Spong in Buffering Film released in 2011.

Brandon (II) Vazquez in Chicago Fire TV Series released in 2012.

Andrew (III) Wilkes in Ultraviolet TV Series released in 1998.

Bobby Block in Monk TV Series released in 2002.

Aren Buchholz in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Matthew (VI) Butler in Ultraviolet TV Series released in 1998.

Alex (I) Campbell in Goosebumps TV Series released in 1995.

Aldo Comas in Intereses mundanos Bar Mut Film released in 2011.

Joaquim (II) Dos Santos in Waiting for Daybreak Film released in 2014.

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Who played Vampire Boy Which actors played the role of Vampire Boy.

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