Who played the role of Waitress in Cafe | Which actor played Waitress in Cafe

The character of Waitress in Cafe is played by Amber-Rose Anscombe in I Put My Heart Into This Film Film released in 2014.

Kristina Murphy in You, Me, Love Film released in 2007.

Christina Nones in The Drop Film released in 2000.

Judy Prianti in Lovesick Film released in 2005.

Judy Prianti in Lovesick Film released in 2005.

Kim Store in Lucifer Film released in 1987.

Salima Zionecke in Au pays des Juliets Film released in 1992.

Hana Brejchov� in Zl� krev TV Series released in 1986.

Zoe Clarke-Williams in Mirage Film released in 1995.

Hallie D'Amore in Forrest Gump Film released in 1994.

Tina Desai in Cocktail Film released in 2012.

Farrah Fox-Collis in Border to Border Film released in 1998.

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Who played Waitress in Cafe Which actors played the role of Waitress in Cafe.

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