Who played the role of Weasel | Which actor played Weasel

The character of Weasel is played by Gemma Arrowsmith in Dead Boss TV Series released in 2012.

Vicki (I) Lewis in The Wild Thornberrys TV Series released in 1998.

Sara Meric in Hakuja den Film released in 1958.

Anabelle Munro in Gangster Kittens Film released in 2011.

Ella Schnoor in Jack Is Pretty Film released in 2015.

Vanessa the Weasel in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide TV Series released in 2004.

Kayla Doerksen in North Grove Film released in 2002.

Sally Grace in The Animals of Farthing Wood TV Series released in 1993.

Marjorie (I) Jean in Go for Broke Film released in 2002.

Christopher (I) Adamson in Beyond Bedlam Film released in 1994.

Guri Alfi in The Human Resources Manager Film released in 2010.

Josef Altin in The Hooligan Factory Film released in 2014.

Gabi Amrani in It Rained All Night the Day I Left Film released in 1980.

Wes (I) Anderson in Fantastic Mr. Fox Film released in 2009.

Voorheis J. Ardoin in Outlaws TV Series released in 1960.

Israel Arias in Found Film released in 2014.

Adrian Galley in Return of the Family Man Film released in 1989.

Tyler Galpin in Same Kind of Different as Me Film released in 2016.

Jimmy (I) Gardner in Village Hall TV Series released in 1974.

Angel Garet in The Dark One TV Series released in 2012.

Owin (IV) Garrie in Ultimate Deadpool Film released in 0.

Tony Grande in Demolition High Video released in 1996.

Tyson Hall in Black Rain Film released in 2010.

John (I) Harmon in Bonanza TV Series released in 1959.

David Hausman in Osa Film released in 1986.

Ric (I) Herbert in Mission Top Secret TV Series released in 1994.

Nick (VI) Hernandez in Addicted Film released in 2009.

Alvin Hillard in Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert TV Film released in 1969.

Neil (I) Hunt in Barb Wire Film released in 1996.

Jason Huxford in Found Film released in 2014.

Karl (II) Jackson in The Line Film released in 2014.

Aurie James in Against the Norm Film released in 2012.

Rob (I) Jarvis in Among Giants Film released in 1998.

Kevin L. Johnson in Ghost Trek: Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown Film released in 2013.

Kevin L. Johnson in Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report Film released in 2011.

George Kamel in Blazing Guns Film released in 1943.

Paul (II) Kealyn in Game of Thrones TV Series released in 2011.

Henry Max Kendrick in Ghost Town Film released in 1988.

Kevin Kildow in Second Cousin, Once Removed Film released in 1994.

Tom La Grua in Married with Children TV Series released in 1987.

Taylor Lacher in Spirit of the Eagle Film released in 1991.

Edgar Landa in Operation: WASTE.LAND TV Series released in 2010.

Lance LeGault in Undercover with the KKK TV Film released in 1979.

Michael (I) Lerner in Newsies Film released in 1992.

Mad Lion in Up in Harlem Film released in 2004.

Lucien Littlefield in Gold and the Girl Film released in 1925.

Andrew (I) Livingston in The Upper Hand TV Series released in 1990.

Max Lorenzin in Incident at Raven's Gate Film released in 1988.

Sean (I) Lynch in No Hiding Place TV Series released in 1959.

Andy (II) Malone in The Park Enforcer TV Series released in 2011.

Louis Mansi in Gideon's Way TV Series released in 1964.

Ralph Manza in The Cat from Outer Space Film released in 1978.

Ralph Manza in Disneyland TV Series released in 1954.

Ezio Marano in Lo chiamavano Trinit�... Film released in 1970.

John Marean in The Big Shot-Caller Film released in 2008.

Wally (I) Martin in Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster Film released in 1989.

Isaac Maxwell-Hunt in Casualty TV Series released in 1986.

Peter (I) McCarthy in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka Film released in 1988.

Andrew Elvis Miller in Ruthless in Love Film released in 2009.

John 'Skins' Miller in Internes Can't Take Money Film released in 1937.

T.J. Miller in Deadpool Film released in 2016.

Lazar Mintz in Joey Film released in 1986.

Monte (I) Montague in King of the Rodeo Film released in 1929.

Jovin Montanaro in Blue Gemini Film released in 2012.

Greg Newbold in Prisoners Film released in 1981.

Brett (II) Newton in Kode Orange TV Film released in 2015.

Matt Nickolay in World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries Film released in 2011.

Fred Asparagus in CHiPs TV Series released in 1977.

Bill Atwood in The Hoodlum Priest Film released in 1961.

Lance August in Together & Alone Film released in 1998.

Tex (I) Avery in The Sneezing Weasel Film released in 1938.

David Alan Bailey in The Psychiatrist TV Series released in 1970.

Herbie Barnes in Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story TV Film released in 2005.

Andrew (I) Barr in Rebus TV Series released in 2000.

Don 'Red' Barry in Shotgun Slade TV Series released in 1959.

Daniel Batten in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys TV Series released in 1995.

Larry (I) Noble in Write a Play TV Series released in 1965.

Tony Odle in Found Film released in 2014.

Billy Oscar in Walking Thunder Film released in 1997.

Robert Pastorelli in Remington Steele TV Series released in 1982.

Marco Perella in Crusader: No Remorse Film released in 1995.

Joe Picchetti in Arthouse Junkies Film released in 2016.

Luis Antonio Ramos in Homeboys in Outer Space TV Series released in 1996.

James Ransone in The Lie Film released in 2011.

Warner Richmond in Under Pressure Film released in 1935.

Glen (IV) Roberts in Inhaler Film released in 2011.

Ernesto (V) Rosas in After the Day 2: Before the Knight Video released in 2009.

Ernesto (V) Rosas in Innocence Saga X: Apocrypha Video released in 2010.

Mark (II) Rosenthal in The Mike O'Malley Show TV Series released in 1999.

Shavar Ross in Family Matters TV Series released in 1989.

Richard (I) Rosson in Alias Mary Brown Film released in 1918.

Michael (I) Rudder in Night Heat TV Series released in 1985.

Ted Rusoff in Lo chiamavano Trinit�... Film released in 1970.

Will (I) Ryan in Mouse Soup Film released in 1993.

Gerry (I) Salsberg in Goofballs Film released in 1987.

William Sanderson in Streets of Justice TV Film released in 1985.

Timothy (I) Scott in The Farmer Film released in 1977.

Ric Siler in Underground Film released in 1989.

Archie Smith in Suspense TV Series released in 1949.

J.M. Specht in The Cain Complex Film released in 2015.

Cornelius Stafford in A Rage in Harlem Film released in 1991.

Damon Standifer in Diamond Confidential Film released in 2009.

Harper Stephens in Valley of the Demon Film released in 2014.

Tighe Swanson in My Teacher's Wife Film released in 1999.

Steve (I) Sweeney in Face Film released in 1997.

Ken Swofford in Annie Film released in 1982.

Michael Szuslik in Deadpool TV Series released in 2013.

Brian Tarantina in Heroes Film released in 2006.

Steven Tash in Diff'rent Strokes TV Series released in 1978.

David (I) Taylor in Cave In TV Film released in 2003.

Russell Tovey in Ultimate Force TV Series released in 2002.

Christian Trotta in Oxy-Morons Film released in 2010.

Jeremy Ure in Detective TV Series released in 1964.

Colin Vancao in Prisoner TV Series released in 1979.

John Voldstad in Chico and the Man TV Series released in 1974.

Timothy Owen Waldrip in Vagrant Film released in 2008.

Scott (I) Walker in Baretta TV Series released in 1975.

Gerry Walsh in Trouble in Paradise TV Series released in 2007.

Dave (I) Weber in Plenty of Money and You Film released in 1937.

Sean (I) Whalen in Tammy and the T-Rex Film released in 1994.

Michael Wheelan in Bad Weekend Film released in 1991.

Lee Whittaker in CSI: Miami TV Series released in 2002.

Enda Williams in Boom Babies Film released in 1986.

David (I) Wohl in The Steel Collar Man TV Film released in 1985.

Emil Wolk in Theatre Box TV Series released in 1981.

John (I) Wray in Boys Town Film released in 1938.

Dax Biagas in Doogie Howser, M.D. TV Series released in 1989.

Tony (II) Bishop in Xena: Warrior Princess TV Series released in 1995.

Michael Zenon in The Bloody Brood Film released in 1959.

Leonard Bremen in Climax! TV Series released in 1954.

Wade Briggs in Kid Film released in 2015.

Clancy (I) Brown in Thunder Alley Film released in 1985.

William (III) Burns in The Undertow Film released in 1915.

Chuck Butto in The Fantastic Four Film released in 1994.

Capone (I) in Knight Watchmen Video released in 2002.

Tony Caprari in Ernest Goes to Africa Film released in 1997.

William A. Carlson in Thy Kill Be Done Film released in 2010.

Marc Chaiet in Tarantula Moonrocket Film released in 2010.

Michael V. Chastain in Cardinal Adventures TV Series released in 2013.

George (I) Chesebro in Montana Territory Film released in 1952.

Kevin Chevalia in Johnny Dodgeball Film released in 2008.

Albert (I) Cole in Angels' Wild Women Film released in 1972.

Michael H. Cole in Lynch Mob Film released in 2009.

Robb Cook in The Understudy: Graveyard Shift II Film released in 1988.

Casey Coones in A Hot Meal Film released in 2008.

Graham Cranmer in Out for Revenge Film released in 2014.

Greg (I) Cuga in Taking Stock Film released in 1994.

Brian (I) Cummings in Darkwing Duck TV Series released in 1991.

Frank Dadino in Finders Keepers TV Series released in 2009.

Mark (III) Daily in The Red Snapper Strikes Film released in 2011.

John Dallimore in Maid Marian and Her Merry Men TV Series released in 1989.

Cory (I) Dangerfield in The Face on the Barroom Floor Film released in 1997.

Wynne Davies in Tiger Bay TV Series released in 1997.

Louie Del Castillo in Blackbelt II Film released in 1989.

Louie Del Castillo in Spyder Film released in 1988.

Pete DeLorenzo in Regenerated Man Film released in 1994.

Alex Diakun in The Glitter Dome TV Film released in 1984.

Charles Dierkop in Revenge of the Gray Gang TV Film released in 1981.

Brad Dourif in Sonny Boy Film released in 1989.

Dan Eady in The Gods of Wheat Street TV Series released in 2013.

G.J. Echternkamp in Do Geese See God? Film released in 2004.

Grzegorz Emanuel in Spies of Warsaw TV Series released in 2013.

Pierre Epstein in Pinocchio TV Film released in 1968.

Salvador Espinoza in Tango & Cash Film released in 1989.

Eric Fagundes in Shooting April Film released in 2010.

George (I) Farrar in The Legend of Alfred Packer Film released in 1980.

Robert J. Ferrelli in Head of the Family Film released in 1996.

Jason Michael Fong in Vigilantes Film released in 2006.

Barney Ford in Twentysomething Video released in 1992.

Adam (III) Friedman in Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Hare Video released in 2008.

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