Who played the role of Young Guard | Which actor played Young Guard

The character of Young Guard is played by Gene Ganssle in Terminal TV Film released in 1996.

Joshua (I) Garcia in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

Michael Germant in Continuum Film released in 2012.

Jason Gray-Stanford in The Escape TV Film released in 1998.

Jefferson Hall in Sherlock Holmes Film released in 2009.

Gabriel Hansen in Shutter Island Film released in 2010.

Mustafa Harris in Hancock Film released in 2008.

Nick Haverson in The Scarlet Pimpernel TV Series released in 1999.

Leonard Kirby in Serious and Organised TV Series released in 2003.

Henry (I) Maguire in Crossing Jordan TV Series released in 2001.

Christopher Marren in Killer Deal TV Film released in 1999.

Corbin McCarthy in Cat Run 2 Film released in 2014.

Kevin (I) McLaughlin in The Set Up Film released in 1995.

Gary (III) McMahon in Reefer and the Model Film released in 1988.

Vince Melocchi in Tales from the Crypt TV Series released in 1989.

Ritchie Montgomery in Body Shot Film released in 1994.

Russell Newman in Killer Force Film released in 1976.

Connor Noyes in The Evil Gene Film released in 2015.

Colin O'Donoghue in Wild Decembers Film released in 2009.

Peter Oldring in The Man Film released in 2005.

Isaac (I) Perez in Mexican American Video released in 2007.

John (I) Shannon in Robot Jox Film released in 1989.

Vincent (I) Stalba in Hoke TV Film released in 2014.

Alejandro Wainstock in Lucky Luke Film released in 2009.

Martin (III) Walsh in Ivanhoe TV Series released in 1997.

Billy Wickman in Seventh Son Film released in 2014.

Nathan (III) Wiley in RED 2 Film released in 2013.

Rich (I) Wilkie in Let's Go to Prison Film released in 2006.

Peter Zinko in Back Stab Film released in 1990.

Kirk (II) Bremner in Helmut Makes a Quilt Film released in 2013.

Thom Carney in 5 Against the House Film released in 1955.

John (I) Churchill in Cellular Film released in 2004.

Gordon (I) Currie in The Hat Squad TV Series released in 1992.

R�bert Czit�n in X Company TV Series released in 2015.

Michael Daingerfield in The Third Twin TV Film released in 1997.

Alexis DeLaRosa in Torchwood TV Series released in 2006.

Carlo Delmi in War and Peace Film released in 1956.

Pancho Demmings in The Fugitive Film released in 1993.

Skye Dennis in Assumption of Risk Film released in 2014.

Phillip DeVona in Chill Factor Film released in 1999.

Gabino Diego in Eliminators Film released in 1986.

Rudy Dobrev in The Unit TV Series released in 2006.

Roger (V) Edwards in Rectify TV Series released in 2013.

M�t� Endr�di in Eichmann Film released in 2007.

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Who played Young Guard Which actors played the role of Young Guard.

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