Who played the role of Young Simon | Which actor played Young Simon

The character of Young Simon is played by Pascal (I) Andres in Rohtenburg Film released in 2006.

Ilan Goodman in Wonder Film released in 2012.

Carson Henderson in Ian Blackwell Film released in 2006.

Cameron Hopkin in Touched by an Angel TV Series released in 1994.

Zack Hopkins in Simon Says Film released in 1998.

James (IV) Houghton in Pound of Flesh Film released in 2015.

Levi (IV) James in Fairytale Film released in 2013.

Beckett Konstantine in Futurestates TV Series released in 2010.

James (X) Laing in In Madness Film released in 2015.

Andrew Lyndaker in Speak to Me Film released in 2011.

Al Miro in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Jack (II) Montgomery in Tristan + Isolde Film released in 2006.

Maliksi Morales in Dugong buhay TV Series released in 2013.

Sibusisu Moyo in The Good Lie Film released in 2014.

Ben Neagen in Real Life Superhero Film released in 2012.

Monty Ashton-Lewis in The Interpreter Film released in 2005.

Dana Bair in Blue Hill Avenue Film released in 2001.

Thomas (I) Beecher in Diary of a Superhero Film released in 2009.

Richard Pendry-King in Perfect Life Film released in 2010.

Simon Quarterman in Simon Schama's Power of Art TV Series released in 2006.

Charles Saari in Anne Bradstreet, Puritan Poetess TV Film released in 1952.

Kurt Sutherland in Murder Call TV Series released in 1997.

Louca Tassone in Adoration Film released in 2008.

Scott (II) Tyler in Methodic Film released in 2007.

Blaine Walker in Around the Fire Film released in 1998.

Ben Wessling in Nonames Film released in 2010.

Sam (I) Wilton in Frames Film released in 2006.

Jonatan S. W�chter in Simon och ekarna Film released in 2011.

Ryan Thomas Brockington in It's All Relative TV Series released in 2003.

Cameron M. Brown in Sticks Film released in 2015.

Oliver (V) Butler in Scrawl Film released in 2015.

Jason Cadieux in Lilies - Les feluettes Film released in 1996.

Christopher (II) Cleary in Up for Air Film released in 2008.

Chris (X) Cunningham in Simon Says Film released in 2006.

Zac Efron in Firefly TV Series released in 2002.

Chase (I) Ellison in 7th Heaven TV Series released in 1996.

Pappy Faulkner in Death Factory Film released in 2014.

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Who played Young Simon Which actors played the role of Young Simon.

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