Who played the role of Yusef | Which actor played Yusef

The character of Yusef is played by Hamayoun Al-Rashid in Blue Murder TV Series released in 2003.

Mohammed Alkhaldi in Solo Film released in 2014.

Ali Shaheed Amini in Lost TV Series released in 2004.

Preston (I) Anderson in The Immaculate Confession Film released in 2013.

Raul Garcia Jr. in A Taste of Peace Film released in 2009.

Pavil Gavrilov in Raptor Island TV Film released in 2004.

Zeus (I) Ghadban in Of Golf and God Film released in 2008.

Milad Hadchiti in Circumstance Film released in 2011.

Sid (I) Haig in The Fall Guy TV Series released in 1981.

Claude Judah in The Distant Boat Film released in 2013.

Steven (I) Kamara in Box of Things Film released in 2013.

Simon Kassianides in Quantum of Solace Film released in 2008.

Zitto Kazann in Moonlight TV Film released in 1982.

Victor Ken in Steal the Sky TV Film released in 1988.

Wolfgang Kieling in Il nocciolo della questione TV Series released in 1983.

Ben Konigsberg in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

Mousa Kraish in The Day the Earth Stood Still Film released in 2008.

Charles Levey in Shadow of Egypt Film released in 1924.

Kamal Marayati in Alliance Film released in 2005.

Ferdy Mayne in Hotel Sahara Film released in 1951.

Nasser Memarzia in Letters Home Film released in 2010.

Christian Millender in At Mamu's Feet Film released in 2013.

Michael Morim in Love Hurts TV Series released in 1992.

Greg (I) Morris in The Sword of Ali Baba Film released in 1965.

Alex Mozart in Hunter TV Series released in 1967.

Bobby (I) Naderi in The Taqwacores Film released in 2010.

Mohammed Nahnal in Hikayatul jawahiri thalath Film released in 1995.

Chervine Namani in NCIS: Los Angeles TV Series released in 2009.

Justin P. Nardecchia in One Angry Man Film released in 2010.

Harsh Nayyar in Hidalgo Film released in 2004.

Malik Barnhardt in Just Another Day Film released in 2009.

Leon Belasco in Road to Morocco Film released in 1942.

G�rard Oury in The Heart of the Matter Film released in 1953.

Parviz Parastui in Duel Film released in 2004.

Frank (I) Pellegrino in Relic Hunter TV Series released in 1999.

Chris (XXVI) Perry in The Vixens Film released in 2015.

Caleeb Pinkett in In Your Eyes Film released in 2004.

Edward (I) Platt in Soldiers of Fortune TV Series released in 1955.

Michael (I) Potts in Bored to Death TV Series released in 2009.

Clifton (I) Powell in Eve TV Series released in 2003.

Francisco Reiguera in Shark! Film released in 1969.

James (IV) Sampson in Harlem 125 TV Series released in 2010.

Steven Schub in 5 Souls Film released in 2013.

Benjamin (I) Stephens in One on One TV Series released in 2001.

Terry Sue-Patt in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

Clive Swift in Hustle TV Series released in 2004.

Philip Van Zandt in Slave Girl Film released in 1947.

Jacob Vanderpuije in East West 101 TV Series released in 2007.

William Vedder in Harem Girl Film released in 1952.

Rajan Velu in Scandal TV Series released in 2012.

Ilary Branco in Il padre e lo straniero Film released in 2010.

Sameer Butt in Five Pillars Film released in 2013.

Demetrius Clay in Tapestry of Shadows Film released in 2006.

Mark Crotti in Newton's 3rd Law Film released in 2011.

Daljit in Ek Din Ka Badshah Film released in 1964.

Mohammad-Reza Davoudnejad in Gharibaneh Film released in 1998.

Michael (I) Dobson in Seven Days TV Series released in 1998.

Hussein Fahmy in Madrasatee al-hisnaa Film released in 1971.

Nasser Faris in Sleeper Cell TV Series released in 2005.

Yan Feldman in Relic Hunter TV Series released in 1999.

Steven (I) Fernandez in Hello... My Name Is Trouble Film released in 2009.

Herbert Fleischmann in Das Herz aller Dinge TV Film released in 1971.

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Who played Yusef Which actors played the role of Yusef.

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