Who played the role of Zachariah | Which actor played Zachariah

The character of Zachariah is played by Lalu Alex in Casanovva Film released in 2012.

E.J. Andr� in Little House on the Prairie TV Series released in 1974.

Jester Hairston in Rawhide TV Series released in 1959.

Paul (I) Hamilton in New Worlds TV Series released in 2014.

Edward Hardwicke in Mary, Mother of Jesus TV Film released in 1999.

David Hemblen in The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim TV Series released in 1974.

Jayaram (I) in Chinatown Film released in 2011.

Patrick Labyorteaux in Melancholy Baby Film released in 2008.

Murray MacLeod in Bonanza TV Series released in 1959.

Michael Magarino in Z Day Film released in 2010.

Mammootty in Arappatta Kettiya Graamathil Film released in 1986.

Strother Martin in Nichols TV Series released in 1971.

Sam McDaniel in Hearts Divided Film released in 1936.

Zacharia Mgabi in Come Back, Africa Film released in 1959.

Buzz Moller in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys TV Series released in 1995.

Barry (I) Morse in Covenant TV Film released in 1985.

Christian Muth in Anomaly: Oblivion Film released in 2010.

Prem Nazir in Inakkilly Film released in 1984.

Ezekiel Ayers in Dropping Evil Film released in 2012.

Ezekiel Ayers in I Was a Teenage Demigod Film released in 2009.

Ezekiel Ayers in The Rise of Gunhead Film released in 2012.

Pappu (I) in Jeevitam Oru Gaanam Film released in 1979.

John Rubinstein in Zachariah Film released in 1971.

Saikumar (I) in Pallavur Devanarayanan Film released in 1999.

John (XII) Stevenson in Grave Situations Film released in 2007.

Vijayaraghavan in Vellathooval Film released in 2009.

James Viront in The Sandman Film released in 1995.

Tom (I) Waits in Seven Psychopaths Film released in 2012.

Gene Wolande in Savate Video released in 1995.

Gary Bullock in Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return Video released in 1999.

Zachariah Coffey in The 4th Story Film released in 2013.

Paul (I) Curran in Shelley TV Series released in 1979.

Antonio (II) Daniel in Darken Film released in 2006.

Robert (I) Dean in Paradise TV Series released in 1988.

Frank DeKova in Pillars of the Sky Film released in 1956.

Chad (I) Earnest in Inception of Chaos Film released in 2012.

Chad (I) Earnest in Transitions: The Series TV Series released in 2010.

Jeff Fahey in Justified TV Series released in 2010.

Kurt (I) Fuller in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

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Who played Zachariah Which actors played the role of Zachariah.

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