What are the characters in Alice in Wonderland TV Show

The characters in Alice in Wonderland movie are
Bit Part - Nathalie Alexeeff
Oyster - Barbi Alison
Alice's Mother - Sheila (I) Allen
Alice - Rita Almeida
Alice - Giselle Andrews
Alice's Sister - Kesser Andrews
Alice's Sister - Heather (I) Angel
The Queen of Diamonds - Selma Archerd
The Cook - Lillian Ardell
Herself - Alice Avallone
Doctor Sunitha Rajagopal - Jyothirmayi (I)
Cheshire Cat - Kate Kastleburg
Mother Canary - Jo Kendall
Red Queen - Elsa Lanchester
Red Queen Courtier - Lindsay Lane
Sofia Oommen - Laya (I)
Governess - Dilys Laye
White Queen - Eva Le Gallienne
Martha - Kulappulli Leela
Queen of Hearts - Alison Leggatt
The White Rabbit - Wendy Lehr
Alice Liddell - Adele Leigh
Bird in the Tree - Queenie Leonard
May Pole Dancer - Regan Licciardello
The Rose - Doris Lloyd
Courtier - Janaya Logan
the voice of the Tiger Lily - Joanna Lumley
Oyster - Kristi Lynes
Narrator - Norma MacMillan
Alice - Tina Majorino
Alice - Anne-Marie Mallik
Alice - Carol (I) Marsh
Sheep - Mae Marsh
Alice - Olivia (I) Martin
Alice's Sister - Jo Maxwell Muller
Maypole Dancer - Savannah McReynolds
The Queen of Hearts - Jayne Meadows
Mouse/Duck/Parrot/Longbeaked Bird/Pigeon/Cook/Baby - Mary (I) Miller
The Rose - Donna (I) Mills
Dodo Bird - Polly Moran
Maypole Dancer - Hilary (I) Morris
Alice's sister - Alison Neil
Singing Flowers - Marni Nixon
The Aunt - Patsy O'Byrne
Duchess/Queen of Hearts - Moya O'Sullivan
Red Queen - Edna May Oliver
Edith - Solveig Olsen
Cheshire Cat - Leslye Orr
Dormouse - Marin Osterberg
Woman with Large Poitrine in Red Queen Court - Jessica Oyelowo
Red Queen's Court - Cortney Palm
Party Dancer - Bonnie (V) Parker
Alice - Bridget Patterson
Dormouse - Alice Pearce
Margaret Kingsleigh - Jemma Powell
The Queen of Hearts - Vie Quinn
The Duchess - Martha Raye
Chakky - Rehana (III)
Party Guest - Evelyn Rei
Queen of Hearts/Society Woman - Miranda (I) Richardson
Queen of Hearts - May Robson
Alice's sister - Joanne Rolfe
The Queen of Hearts - Vie Quinn
The Duchess - Martha Raye
Chakky - Rehana (III)
Party Guest - Evelyn Rei
Queen of Hearts/Society Woman - Miranda (I) Richardson
Queen of Hearts - May Robson
Alice's sister - Joanne Rolfe
Reader 6 - Mandana Rothschild
Party Dancer - Caroline Royce
The Queen of Hearts - Joan Sanderson
Alice - Sandhya (V)
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Earnine Sandidge
Party Dancer - Simone Sault
The Lady in Waiting - Candace Savalas
Alice - Viola Savoy
The Talking Flowers - Eliza Schneider
White Queen Courtier - Erin Sharkey
Alice - Dinah Shore
Frog - Stephanie Simm
Duchess - Alison Skipworth
Dormouse - Elisabeth Sladen
Miss Lory - Liz (I) Smith
Duchess - Elizabeth Spriggs
Tall Flower Faces - Imelda Staunton
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Laura Sterns
White Queen Courtier - Jinny Lee Story
Tiger Lily - Sally (I) Struthers
Bridget - Sukumari
Oyster - Desiree (I) Szabo
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Kyra Thurber
Fiona Chattaway - Eleanor Tomlinson
Alice's Sister - Kate Tooley
White Queen Loyalist - Jacqueline Tribble
Hatteress - Amy (II) Bailey
Alice - Gillian (II) Barber
Alice - Kathryn (I) Beaumont
The White Queen - Ashley (I) Bell
Mad Hatter Kid - Lindsey Renee Berg
Sunflower/Tulip - Lucille (I) Bliss
Courtier - Danielle Van Beest
Oyster - Janie Walton
Alice Kingsleigh - Mia Wasikowska
Girl #1 - Leaha Wilmoth
The Dormouse - Barbara Windsor
Dormouse - Barbara Windsor
Child Canry - Bernadette Windsor
Child Canary - Bernadette Windsor
The Dodo Bird - Shelley Winters
The Duchess - Mabel Wright
The Red Queen - Tatyana Yassukovich
Herself - Artist - Lorene (I) Zammuto
White Rose - Norma Zimmer
Red Queen - Helena Bonham Carter
Sister - Linda (I) Boyd
Rainha de Copas - Ana Maria Brand�o
Lady of the Court - Dee Brantlinger
Courtier - Libby Brien
The Duchess - Eleanor Bron
Party Guest - Sophie-Anna Brough
The Queen of Hearts - Pamela (I) Brown
Daisy - Laura (I) Carlson
6-Year-Old Alice - Mairi Ella Challen
White Queen - Carol Channing
Queen of Hearts - Babs Chula
Herself - Hostess - Sarah Churchill
Mouse - Ysanne Churchman
Alice - May Clark
The Cook - Imogene Coca
Alice - Angela Costain
Monkey - Tessa Crockett
Strange Woman Kisser - Rebecca Crookshank
The Queen of Hearts - Julee Cruise
Alice's sister - Sarah Jane Curran
Edith Liddel - Joan Dale
Party Dancer - Leigh Daniels
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Lisa Dante
Duchess - Claire (I) Davenport
Woman with Big Ears in Red Queen Court - Lucy (I) Davenport
Aunt Imogene - Frances de la Tour
Alice - Kate Dorning
Nurse - Freda Dowie
Cook - Freda Dowie
Mad Hatter Clan - Ashli Dowling
Helen Kingsleigh - Lindsay (I) Duncan
Peppercook - Avril Elgar
Alice - Annie Enneking
Mother - Janine Eser
Alice - Sarah (XV) Evans
Cook/Duchess/Pig/Flamingo A/Hedgehogs - Julie Faye
White Queen - Louise Fazenda
Queen of Hearts - Verna (I) Felton
Cook - Elizabeth Fink
Maypole Dancer - Brighid Fleming
Red Queen's Court - Jessica Starr Folger
White Queen's Court - Brooke Forbes
Faith Chattaway - Eleanor Gecks
Alice - Ruth (I) Gilbert
Red Queen Courtier - Jessica Godber
Cheshire Cat - Whoopi Goldberg
Duck - Jill Goldstone
White Rabbit - Lauren (I) Goode
Tweedledee - Eydie Gorm�
Girl #2 - Erica Grabon
Alice - Natalie Gregory
Sister - Sharee Gregory
Ugly Duchess/Dormouse - Joyce Grenfell
Miss Simpson the Governess - Ethel Griffies
Cook - Sheila Hancock
Alice - Ursula Hanray
Cook - Lillian Harmer
White Queen - Anne Hathaway
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Rana Haugen
Woman with Large Nose in Red Queen Court - Holly Hawkins
Nanny - Mary Healey
Queen of Hearts - Janet Henfrey
Alice - Charlotte (I) Henry
Lorena Liddel - Elizabeth (I) Henson
White Rabbit/Queen - Mrs. Hepworth
Lady Ascot - Geraldine James
Red Queen - Ann Jillian
The Queen - Meghan (I) Johnson
Narrador/Gato - Gilson Ajala
The Mock Turtle - Gus Alexander
Gentleman in the Paper Suit - Steve (I) Allen
Duck - Mark Allington
Man with Big Forehead in Red Queen Court - Richard (III) Alonzo
Cheshire Cat - Richard Arlen
The Knave of Hearts - Jim Galante
Parrot - Colin Gallacher
Rabbit - Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher
Father William's son - Ian Gant
White Knight - Reginald Gardiner
The March Hare - Adrian Getley
Mock Turtle - John Gielgud
Party Musician - Stephen Giles
The Knave of Hearts - Patrick Glasgow
Knave of Hearts - Pat (I) Gleason
Stayne/Knave of Hearts - Crispin Glover
Stayne - Knave of Hearts - Crispin Glover
Pat, Mrs Pat, Bill, Knave, Fish Footman, Frog Footman - Jon (I) Glover
Gnat - George Gobel
March Hare - Skyler Goff
1st Gardener - Gordon Gostelow
March Hare - Michael (I) Gough
Dodo Bird - Michael (I) Gough
Party Guest - Geoffrey Gould
Hightopp Hat Juggler - Chris Grabher
Third Executioner - Meyer Grace
Party Musician - Phillip Granell
Mock Turtle - Cary (I) Grant
White Rabbit - Martyn (I) Green
White Castle - Christopher Greet
The Mad Hatter - Earl (I) Grey
Bill - Larry (I) Grey
Party Dancer - Chris Grierson
Conductor - Merv (I) Griffin
Guard #3 - Wes Groetsema
Sapo - Tiaggo Guimar�es
Card Painter - Bob Hamlin
Tweedledee - Don Hanmer
Mouse - Raymond Hatton
Five of Spades - Dean Hawthorne
Caterpillar - Richard (I) Haydn
March Hare/Mad Hatter/Rat/Guard A/Guard B/Guard C/Guard D - Philip Maurice Hayes
Mouse - Sherman Hemsley
Servant to Red Queen - Daniel Hepner
Frog - Cecil M. Hepworth
The White Rabbit - Ralph Hertz
Frog - Sterling Holloway
Cheshire Cat - Sterling Holloway
Lowell - John (V) Hopkins
Mad Hatter - Edward Everett Horton
Puppet Character - Claude Hulbert
Young Man - Eric Idle
Mani Kuruvilla - Janardanan
Alby - Jayaram (I)
Young Crab - Julian Jebb
The Dormouse - Arte Johnson
Old Magpie - Alex (V) Johnston
Bill The Gardener - Paddy Joyce
Fire Juggler - Jack Kalvan
Tweedledee - Roscoe Karns
Doorknob - Joseph (I) Kearns
The Clock - Colin Kenny
The Mad Hatter - Leslie (I) King
Major Caterpillar - Ben Kingsley
White King - Harvey Korman
Party Musician - David Lale
Tweedledum - Steve (I) Lawrence
Dormouse - Wilfrid Lawson
Card Painter - Bill (IV) Lee
Jabberwocky - Christopher (I) Lee
Lewis Carroll - David (XV) Leonard
Caterpillar - Noel Leslie
Duck - Crispin Letts
Party Musician - Nicholas Levy
Foreman of the Jury - Charles Lewsen
White Knight - Christopher (I) Lloyd
Fishface Footman - Hugh Lloyd
Two of Spades - Terence Lodge
Queen of Hearts - Ronald (I) Long
Tweedledee/Tweedledum - Matt (I) Lucas
Young Pansy - Tommy Luske
Dormouse - James (II) MacDonald
Frog Footman - Gilbert Mack
Caterpillar - Roy Macready
Mad Hatter - Cody Magourik
Courtier - Douglas Maida
Walrus - Karl Malden
The Dodo Bird - Harry (V) Marks
Mad Hatter - Mort Marshall
Tweedledum - Ian (I) Martin
Horseman - Don (I) Matheson
Red Queen Stable Hand - David Matthiessen
Colleague #2 - Peter Mattinson
Red Queen Henchman - Matisse Mazur
Walrus - Tucker McCrady
The March Hare - Roddy McDowall
Monkey - Frank McGregor
Duchess - Leo McKern
Caterpillar - Jason (I) McLean
The Jabberwocky - Tom (I) McLoughlin
Five of Spades - Charles McNaughton
Card Painters - The Mellomen
Chief Executioner - Murray Melvin
Party Dancer - Dale (I) Mercer
The Dormouse - Louis Merkle
Guard #2 - Dudley (I) Merrifield
Gryphon - Brian (I) Miller
Gardener - Skedge Miller
Dormouse - Royce (I) Mills
The Vice Chancellor/The White Rabbit - Ernest Milton
Carta 1/Carta 4 - Alex Minei
Horse - Pat Morita
The King of Hearts - Robert (I) Morley
Gryphon - Malcolm Muggeridge
Lewis Carroll/The Knave of Hearts - Stephen (I) Murray
Queen's Servant - Angelo Muscat
Humpty Dumpty - George Muschamp
Red Knight - Gerard Naprous
The Mad Hatter - Anthony Newley
Caterpillar - Richard (I) Newman
Fish - Roscoe Ates
Gryphon - William (I) Austin
Frog Footman - Robert (I) Axelrod
Dr. Liddel/The Cheshire Cat - Felix Aylmer
Joker - Baby LeRoy
Lonappan - Baiju (II)
Pat - The Pig - Scott Baio
The Dormouse - David Alan Barclay
Four Of Hearts - Angus Barnett
The Caterpillar - John (II) Barron
White Pawn/The Baby - Billy Barty
Party Musician - John (III) Bass
Knave of Hearts - Mark Bassenger
Executioner - David Battley
Mr. Dodo - Peter (I) Bayliss
Mad Hatter - Carl (I) Beck
Carpenter - Louis Nye
The Lory Bird - Donald O'Connor
The King of Hearts - Fred O'Donovan
Walrus/Carpenter/Dee/Dum - J. Pat O'Malley
Gryphon - J. Pat O'Malley
Tweedledum - Jack (I) Oakie
Bill (The Lizard) - Ernie F. Orsatti
King of Hearts - Oliver Osterberg
King of Hearts - Brian Oulton
Plum Pudding - George Ovey
Red Bishop - John (I) Owens
Rabbit/Bill the Lizard/Frog Footman/Mouse - Doug (I) Parker
The Reverend Charles Dodgson - Robert (XV) Peters
Lord Ascot - Tim Pigott-Smith
The Dormouse - Nigel Plaskitt
Frog Footman - Stephen Polk
Carpenter - Pete Postlethwaite
Three Of Hearts - Tim (II) Potter
Card Painter - Thurl Ravenscroft
Caterpillar - Michael Redgrave
The Prince Consort/The King of Hearts - David (I) Reed
White Rabbit - Herbert Rice
Blue Caterpillar - Alan Rickman
Party Musician - Patrick (VI) Roberts
Red Queen Courtier - Keith Roenke
The Caterpillar - Jimmy (I) Rosen
Eight Of Hearts - Toby Ross-Bryant
The King of Hearts - Leonard Rossiter
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Mark Rudzitis
March Hare - Charles Ruggles
King Cedric of Hearts/Society Man - Simon Russell Beale
Seven of Spades - James Rutland
Royal Gardener #3 - Christopher (I) Ryan
Guard #1 - Greg (II) Sain
Red Queen Nobleman - Arick Salmea
Cheshire Cat - Alvin Sanders
Red Queen Courtier - Chris (XV) Sanders
The Courtier - George Savalas
The Cheshire Cat - Telly Savalas
The Dormouse - Raymond Schultz
Mad Hatter - Keith (I) Scott
Dormouse - Jackie Searl
Seven of Spades - Michael (I) Segal
King of Hearts - Peter (I) Sellers
The White Rabbit - Kiran Shah
Absolem the Caterpillar/The Dodo - David Shaughnessy
The White Rabbit - Michael Sheen
White Rabbit - Michael Sheen
King of Hearts - Hiram Sherman
Mad Hatter/Chinless Idiot - Martin (I) Short
Red Queen Courtier - Gary Sievers
The Gryphon - Charles Silvern
Royal Gardener #2 - Matthew Sim
the voice of the Gryphon - Donald Sinden
Mock Turtle - Roy Skelton
Card Painter - Max (I) Smith
Tweedledee/Tweedledum - Roger Craig Smith
Red King - Don Somers
Bayard - Timothy Spall
Caterpillar - Ned (I) Sparks
Fr. Ambatt - Jagathi Sreekumar
Puppet Character - Ivan Staff
Messenger - John Stamos
Seven of Spades - Will (I) Stanton
The Mock Turtle - Ringo Starr
Parrot - Barry Stearn
White King - Ford Sterling
Six Of Hearts - Richard (I) Strange
Colleague #1 - John (I) Surman
Humpty Dumpty - Karl Swenson
Man with Large Belly in Red Queen Court - Joel Swetow
Frog footman - Neal Swettenham
Mad Hatter - Eric Sykes
Ship Captain - Harry (I) Taylor
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - David (I) Thom
Red Queen Courtier - Nick Thomas-Webster
White Rabbit/Dodo - Bill (I) Thompson
The Mad Hatter - William Tilden
Mock Turtle - Burr Tillstrom
The March Hare - Walter Tobias
Cook - Bernard Tone
Second Executioner - Joe Torillo
Puppet Character - Jack (I) Train
Fish Footman/2nd Gardener - Anthony (I) Trent
Duckworth - Philip Trewinnard
King of Hearts - Dink Trout
Black Cat - Jordan Troy
The March Hare - Robert Tygner
Walrus - Peter Ustinov
Victor Joseph - Vineeth
Himself - Announcer - Lee Vines
Party Dancer - Carl (II) Walker
Dodo - Ian (I) Wallace
Fish Footman - Jerome Wallin
Owl - Jack Warden
Additional Vocal Effects - Frank Welker
Fred Tweedledee - George (I) Wendt
March Hare - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Fish/Mad Hatter - Norman Whitten
Mock Turtle - Gene Wilder
Mr. Eaglet - Heathcote Williams
Father William - Terry (XXII) Williams
The Robin - Simon J. Williamson
Five of Spades - Jeffrey Winner
Humpty Dumpty - Jonathan Winters
Cheshire Cat - Michael Wisher
The March Hare - Dave (I) Wittenberg
May Pole Dancer - Austin James Wolff
The March Hare - Francis Wright
Mad Hatter - Ed Wynn
Mouse - Alan (I) Bennett
March Hare - Michael Bentine
The March Hare - Meyer Berensen
Hatter Futterwacken Dance Double - David 'Elsewhere' Bernal
Pat Guinea Pig - James Berwick
Two of Spades - Billy Bevan
Hamish - Leo Bill
Frog Footman - John (I) Bird
Large dog - Blair (III)
The White Rabbit - Alban Blakelock
Dinah - Mel Blanc
White Knight - Stephen Boe
Lion - Ernest Borgnine
Knave of Hearts - Tom Bosley
Lory/Dodo - John (II) Braban
White Rabbit - Wilfrid Brambell
Tweedledee - Matthew Brassill
The Eaglet - Billy Braver
Walrus - Marc Breaux
Unicorn - Beau (I) Bridges
White Knight - Lloyd (I) Bridges
Duchess - Gary Briggle
Royal Gardener #1 - Jonathan Broadbent
Father - Jeremy Brudenell
White Rabbit - Arthur Q. Bryan
Puppet Character - Peter (I) Bull
The Tailor/The Mad Hatter - Raymond Bussi�res
The Mad Hatter - Jared Butler
The White Rabbit - Red Buttons
Fish Footman - Scotch Byerley
Pat The Gardener - Jason (I) Byrne
The Gryphon - Sid Caesar
Carta 2/Gemeo 2 - Rafael (IV) Camacho
Garden Frog - Colin (I) Campbell
Mr. Duck - Ken (I) Campbell
Executioner - Jim (I) Carter
March Hare - Robert Casper
White Rabbit - Jonathan Cecil
Chapeleiro Maluco - Sidney Cesar
Catepillar - Russel Chamberlan
Two of Spades - Michael (I) Chieffo
Reader 4 - Michael Chomiak
Carpenter - Lenny Claret
Ugly Duchess - Bobby (V) Clark
Man with Large Chin in Red Queen Court - Ethan (I) Cohn
March Hare - Jerry Colonna
Ned Tweedledum - Robbie Coltrane
Flamingo - Pinto Colvig
May Pole Kid - Parker Contreras
Mad Hatter - Peter (I) Cook
The White Rabbit - Richard Coombs
White Knight - Gary (I) Cooper
The Cheshire Cat - Tom Corless
Tweedledum - Gary (I) Costello
The King of Hearts - N.R. Cregan
Mock Turtle - Bernard Cribbins
The Cheshire Cat - Leslie Crowther
Charles Kingsleigh - Marton Csokas
Five of Spades - Graham Cull
Red King - Patrick Culliton
Dodo - Finlay Currie
Fish footman - John Daker
Court Jester - Dana (I) Daniels
Gryphon - Windsor Davies
The Caterpillar/Father William - Sammy (I) Davis Jr.
Seven of Spades - John Walter Davis
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Jim Dayton
Knave of Hearts - Michael (I) De Leon
Red Queens Court - Xavier Declie
White Rabbit - Jeff DeCristofaro
Party Dancer - Matt (I) Dempsey
Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp
Carpenter - John Dietzmann
Mr Mouse - Ken (I) Dodd
Mad Hatter - Pip Donaghy
King of Hearts - Michael (III) Donovan
The Duck - Charles (I) Dougherty
Two of Spades - Matthew Dudley
Leg of Mutton - Jack (I) Duffy
Goat - Patrick (I) Duffy
Executioner - Andrew Dunford
Lory - Geoffrey (I) Dunn
March Hare - Tom (I) Dunn
Herald - Britain Durham
White Rabbit - Paul Eddington
First Executioner - Harry Ekezian
Jubbawokkie - Danny Emes
Fish Footman - Michael Enserro
Uncle Gilbert - Leon Errol
Narrator - Maurice (I) Evans
Eaglet - Nicholas (I) Evans
Knave of Hearts - Peter (I) Eyre
Frogface Footman - Peter (I) Eyre
Card - Geoffrey Faithfull
Card - Stanley Faithfull
Red Queens Courtier - Eric Feliciano
Bill Lizard - Stuart Fell
Partygoer - Greg (I) Fellows
Humpty-Dumpty - W.C. Fields
March Hare - Neil Fitzwiliam
Sir Jack, the Knave of Hearts/Cad - Jason Flemyng
King of Hearts - Alec B. Francis
Cards, Jurors, and Courtiers - Miek Frankhouser
Coelho/G?meo 1 - Francisco Freitas
The Cheshire Cat - Stephen (I) Fry
Cheshire Cat - Stephen (I) Fry

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