What are the characters in Annie McGuire TV Show

The characters in Annie McGuire movie are
Debbie McGuire - Cynthia Marie King
Visitor - Nancy Kusley
Vicki - Victoria Ann Lewis
Bill Thomas - Annie (I) McGuire
Annie McGuire - Mary Tyler Moore
Mrs. Cipriani - Suzie Plakson
Hillary - Beverly (I) Sanders
Terry - Robin Strasser
Mrs. Henshaw - Amzie Strickland
Beth - Nicki Vannice
Actress - Mary (I) Hamill
Emma Block - Eileen Heckart
O'Reilly - John (I) Anderson
Nick McGuire - Denis Arndt
Burt - Peter Jason
Red McGuire - John (I) Randolph
Doctor - Mark L. Taylor
Earl - Frantz Turner
Lewis Block - Bradley Warden
Jordan - Teddy (I) Wilson
Lenny McGuire - Adrien Brody
Paraplegic Mugger - James Eckhouse

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