What are the characters in Benny Hill TV Show

The characters in Benny Hill movie are
Bella - Yootha Joyce
Elvira Crudd - Yootha Joyce
Bride's Mother - Diana (I) King
Harrassed Occupant - Diana (I) King
Phoebe - Annabelle (II) Lee
Girlfriend - Annabelle (II) Lee
Elsie - Annabelle (II) Lee
Gladys Carey - Annabelle (II) Lee
Girlfriend - Sheena Marshe
Flossie - Sheena Marshe
Sarah - Priscilla Morgan
Alma - Priscilla Morgan
Bridesmaid - Priscilla Morgan
Betty - Priscilla Morgan
Lady Cynthia Bellfoot - Priscilla Morgan
Maid - Priscilla Morgan
Binda - Penny Morrell
Mrs. Belfry - Joan Newell
Mum - Joan Newell
Russian Girl - Nadja Regin
Russian Girl - Nadja Regin
Miss Prisby - Patsy Smart
Miriam - Patsy Smart
Mary Johnson - Melissa Stribling
Girlfriend - Una Stubbs
Woman Tenant - Mollie Sugden
Alma Noggsmith - Valerie (I) Bell
Lorna - Eileen Way
Aunt Mirabelle - June Whitfield
Bride - June Whitfield
Girl - Valerie (I) Brooks
Jean - Susan (I) Denny
Lulubelle - Maggie Fitzgibbon
Lady Fenella Twinge - Moyra Fraser
Mrs. Wilks - Patricia (I) Hayes
Mum - Patricia (I) Hayes
Mrs. Wilson - Patricia (I) Hayes
Bridegroom's Mother - Patricia (I) Hayes
Kate - Patricia (I) Hayes
Mrs. Noggsmith - Patricia (I) Hayes
Mrs. Kenwood - Diana (II) Hope
Princess von Puffenburg - Joan Ingram
Silas - Nigel (I) Green
Colonel Wittering - Cameron (I) Hall
Uncle Charlie - Jeremy Hawk
Himself - Host/Various - Benny Hill
Roland Stone - Stuart Hillier
Man - Dermot (I) Kelly
Taxidermist - Dermot (I) Kelly
Lester - Bill (I) Kerr
Harry Smith - Hugh Lloyd
Electrician - David (I) Lodge
Electrician's Mate - David (I) Lodge
Sam - Arthur Mullard
Wilfred - Arthur Mullard
Policeman - Roger Avon
Chef - Ronnie Barker
Estate Agent - Julian Orchard
Vanning - Campbell Singer
Rival - Michael Stainton
Norman Bulger - Graham (I) Stark
Council Employee - Graham (I) Stark
Colonel's Nephew - Graham (I) Stark
Nigel - Graham (I) Stark
Undertaker - Graham (I) Stark
Hadrian Meredith - Graham (I) Stark
Frindyke/Korsikoff - Frank (I) Thornton
John Kenwood - Frank (I) Thornton
Policeman - Peter (I) Vernon
News Editor - Peter (I) Vernon
Real Bridegroom - Johnny Vyvyan
Willie The Kid - John Bluthal
Fop - Alec Bregonzi
Bridegroom's Father - Ronnie Brody
Ronald - Ronnie Brody
Sam - Ronnie Brody
Best Man - Philip (II) Carr
Trevor Johnson - Allan Cuthbertson
Mac - Colin (I) Douglas

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