What are the characters in California Fever TV Show

The characters in California Fever movie are
Sharon - Janet Julian
Ruth Dunn - Nancy (I) Malone
Lisa Bannister - Elizabeth (I) McGovern
Cathy - Jane Milmore
Tina - Melissa Prophet
Tina - Melissa Prophet
Mother - Sylvia (I) Sidney
Mary - Barbara Tarbuck
Joanne - Heather (I) Thomas
Laurie Newman - Michele Tobin
Connie - Morgan Brittany
Dale - Ellen Bry
Mrs. Newman - Lynn Carlin
Lucille - April Clough
Sue - Lisa (I) Cori
Vicki - Ruth (I) Cox
Swimsuit girl - Gina (I) Gallego
Freddie - Norman Alden
Mel Gaines - Bryan (I) Gordon
Miller - Larry (I) Hankin
Lance - Michael Allen (I) Harris
Litchfield - Bob (I) Hastings
Station Guard - John (I) Hawker
Armbrewster - Rick (I) Hill
Lippman - Conrad Janis
Rick - Lorenzo (I) Lamas
Al - Eric Laneuville
Security Guard - David Alastair Lewis
Goldman - Larry D. Mann
Ross Whitman - Marc (I) McClure
Tony - Howard McGillin
Riley - Michael (I) McGuire
Mr. Newman - Richard (I) McKenzie
Vince Butler - Jimmy McNichol
Brian - Tony (I) Moran
Cubby - Curt Ayers
Hyena Harry - Ronnie Schell
Don - John (I) Shepherd
Himself - Rex (I) Smith
Peter - Dan (I) Spector
Adam - Rick Springfield
General Bannister - Ken Swofford
Ken - John (I) Vernon
Sibley - Mark (I) Withers
Larry - Danny Bonaduce
Woods - Peter (I) Brown
Murph - Philip (I) Brown
Frank - Edd Byrnes
Teddy Simpson - Paul (I) Clemens
Bobby - Cosie Costa
Buddy Burns - Robert Englund

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